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Will Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Cast a Spell on You?

Brace yourself: if you happen to see this jar sitting atop your dressing table, it means that any second now, your lady’s maid will magically materialize to dress you, gently brush every lock of hair into place, and pin a diamond tiara on your head.
(Side note: I have watched an obscene amount of Downton Abbey over the past few days.)
Only Charlotte Tilbury could turn a standard-issue makeup artist’s trick — applying a layer of rich moisturizer on your face before putting on your face paint — and turn it into a bonafide F.L.L. (that’s “Fancy Lady Lifestyle,” dahhhling), with one of her line’s most renowned products: Magic Cream.
Lots of people swear by this rich, thick cream, which is made for all skin types and designed to be applied right before going in with your makeup.
Devotees of the Cult o’ Magic Cream claim that it potently plumps the skin, and it does contain heavy-hitting hydrators like hyaluronic acid, shea butter and aloe vera (to name a few), but I’d characterize the plumping effect as subtle.
The idea is that it’s supposed to smooth your canvas, so to speak, before you layer your foundation, concealer, powder, etc.
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