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What Happens If You Don’t Remove Blackheads?

Today, we shall talk about what would happen if we didn’t remove blackheads from our face. But before we go there, let us spare a word or two on what exactly are these pesky things that show up on the face. Let us first start with the most fundamental of all enquiries, which is, what are blackheads and what happens if you dont remove blackheads?

What are Blackheads?
Blackheads are what you get as a result of clogged hair follicles on your face. They appear as small black bumps on the skin. The main reason for their formation is oil secretion and sebum on our skin, dirt and pollution from the air that accumulate on the skin, bacteria, and clogged hair follicles, that result in the formation of blackheads. And there are multiple reasons that can further contribute to and worsen the condition such as putting on heavy makeup, heavy moisturizers and creams, sunscreen, and coconut oil. You can exacerbate the condition further by taking birth control pills or medication such as corticosteroids, antibiotics, etc. And now that we have gone over a brief discussion of what are blackheads and how they are formed, let us move towards the key issue or concern of this article, or to put it differently, what would happen if we do not remove blackheads from our faces.
What are the Consequences on non-removal of Blackheads?

Removing the blackhead later might become really tough: The pesky enemies, namely blackheads are already a hard nut to crack. So, when you don’t remove them, attacking such skin woes will become even more difficult. This can lead to skin irritation which will further create a breeding ground for more bacteria inside the blackheads leading and may lead to formation of cysts. When you leave your blackheads untreated, trying to remove them by squeezing can also lead to inflammation and scarring of skin.
Oil and bacteria inside the existing blackhead can cause more blackheads: When you don’t remove blackheads, bacteria gets trapped within the blackheads and they can spread to the surrounding pores. This can cause more blackheads in the near future. Also, you would notice excess oil and sebum production as your skin becomes more vulnerable to other forms of acne and breakouts.
Skin Irritation and occurrence of Dark Spots: This consequence is self-explanatory. Keeping blackheads on your skin untreated can cause skin irritation. It can cause inflammation in the area if you engage in pricking which will finally lead to formation of scars. In addition to that, you might also witness the tissue surrounding the blackhead develop dark spots due to hyperpigmentation.

The answer to the question is you can witness a serious of secondary skin infections/irritation upon non-removal of blackheads. However, anything medically significant or detrimental to our health would never happen if we fail to remove blackheads, but as always, there is merit in removing blackheads for that would tantamount to preserving pollutants and dirt on our head and for no reasonable justification at all. Hence, it would be a bad practice indeed to not remove blackheads, more for cosmetic reasons. So although nothing medically critical or significant would happen if we do not remove blackheads, however, it is deemed appropriate by all and sundry that we should keep ourselves clean and clear.
So dear readers, tell us what you think of this article in the comments section below.
Stay Pretty and Healthy ye all.
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