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Three suggestions for tidying up your house

There are many reasons a person might choose to clear out their belongings. Perhaps there is an imminent move, you are shrinking to a room with less storage space or are simply dreaming of a living space with a lot less things. Either way, they need to cut down on the items around them, get rid of things they don’t need, and use more effective storage options for the items they want to keep.

As you embark on your journey to declutter, you can encounter a variety of obstacles and even more questions. For example, how should you deal with the sheer number of articles you have to search through? Where can you find storage rooms near you? What should you do with the things you clean up? Fortunately, some specific tips can guide you through the clearing out process at home and beyond.

1. Find the right type of clearing out for you.

From Marie Kondo to The Home Edit, there’s no shortage of clearing out and organizing methods to choose from, and each has their legions of devoted followers who swear by their preferred strategy. However, your question shouldn’t be which method of organizing or tidying up is most effective for most people. Instead, consider which option is right for you.

The Hot Mess House host, Cas Aarssen, uses this concept in her Clutterbug ideology, a range of four different organizational styles that she has seen with her clients. The same principle can be applied to clearing out. For example, if you sort your items into large groups, like the KonMari categories of clothing, books, papers, etc. other sub-categories within the larger umbrella of clothing? Once you’ve established the most effective strategy for your unique needs and personality, the clearing out process will become a lot less overwhelming.

2. Find out what to do with your existing belongings.

The possessions you keep and want to dispose of need to be handled beyond this initial clearing out. What are you going to do with the things you want to keep? Ideally, you have delegated spaces in your home for everything you keep. However, your space doesn’t always suit your lifestyle. For example, what if you start a RV life and sort out your belongings to fit in that small space, but you don’t want to lose your cherished heirlooms or other non-urgent items just because they’re not in the RV? with you? In these cases, a bearing can be the best choice. Just make sure you organize your storage unit to ensure that your items are actually organized and tidy.

3. Find ways to dispose of the excess.


There are other items that you don’t want to keep. Throwing away obvious junk is easy, but other types of items can prove to be more difficult. Can this box be recycled? Where could you donate these old clothes? What should you do with all this extra bunch? Take some time to research how to dispose of the discarded items to ensure you do so responsibly. Donations, trash, and even gifts can move unnecessary items out of your home or storage space and to a more appropriate destination.

When you’re staring at a pile of clutter, the mere thought of tidying up and organizing can be intimidating. However, you can and will successfully tackle these issues. Just take some time and think about which methods and ways of thinking are best for you, store your “storage pile” in an organized manner and dispose of the cleared-up surplus responsibly. Then enjoy your newly gained additional space!

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