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“The Process” is the Most Important Factor in Home Renovations

In many ways, undertaking a major renovation is like buying your first home. It is not something you have done before. So despite everyone’s advice, you tend to worry about your choices and whether you made the right ones. This can be very stressful for a homeowner.
Hiring the right company
The most important factor in successful home renovations is hiring the right company.
The right company, through its experience, has refined its processes to make it as easy on the client as possible. They have everything outlined beforehand in easy to understand steps so that your trip through the home renovation process is as comfortable as possible.
Developed a successful system
Kerr Construction & Design is such a company. Over the last 30 years, it has developed a system that takes into account all aspects of the home renovation process for clients.
Doug Kerr, founder of Kerr Construction, says this process is the most important thing for a client.
He says, “There’s a proper process that you go through that avoids the problems with jobs taking too long, jobs going over budget, not getting what you want as a client — all those things you don’t want in a renovation project.”
Takes into account that each client is different
It is a matter of learning from experience and applying those lessons even though every client is different.
“We’ve been doing this long enough that we know exactly the process you need to go through. Every client is going to have a different need and a different taste and a different vision of what they want to have. But that’s part of the process, to bring that out of them.”
“Really make them happy”
In the end, it is about giving the client the best value for his money and delivering the things that will really make them happy.
As Doug says, “It’s good competent people running a good competent and workable process. And if you do that, the project will be a success!”
To learn more, set up a no-obligation consultation by using our online form or call us at 604-263-0343.

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