The most effective well being and health gear for 2021

When everything is going on in the world these days, you might prefer to sit on the sofa with popcorn and a good movie, but we all know that it can be detrimental to both physical and mental health. Sometimes you need to be reminded that it is time to develop healthy new habits and take action. Fortunately for sofa potatoes, technology can help. These health devices can help you move around, get inspiration, and stay healthy – or warn you when something is wrong.

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Fitbit Sense

The newest and now flagship offering from tracking giant Fitbit offers more fitness, health and wellness features than previous fitness trackers. With a blood oxygen sensor, skin temperature reader, stress readings, and EKG readings, your Fitbit Sense can alert you to significant changes in health before you even know they’re occurring. Oh, and it also counts your steps, tracks your sleeping habits, and has a women’s health tracking feature too.

Middle-aged man wearing the QardioArm blood pressure monitorQardio

QardioArm blood pressure monitor

The QardioArm blood pressure monitor allows you to track your blood pressure quickly and wirelessly. With a downloadable app that tracks readings over time, it’s an amazingly handy tool for people who need to closely monitor their blood pressure. Just wrap it around your arm, have it read and the data will be transferred straight to your phone. The sleek, compact package is also discreet, meaning people who don’t want to make big production out of readings don’t have to. Plus, there isn’t a giant balloon or trailing tubes to worry about.

In addition, Qardio integrates with a variety of health-related apps, including Apple Health and Google Fit. Combine that with regular reminders, charts, and the ability to send the data to your doctor when needed, and you have a pretty handy health device right at hand.

Young woman wearing the Muse 2 headband in bed

Muse 2 headband

This gadget tracks your brain activity and before you stop by it and think, “Yeah, right”, listen to us. The Muse 2 is, according to Muse, an “immersive meditation device that provides real-time feedback on your mental wellbeing”. You should wear the headband during guided relaxation sessions and in conjunction with the companion app, which records your brain activity while listening to calming meditations. While it all sounds a bit woo-woo, many users say it helped them relax. If you’ve ever wondered about meditation but didn’t really understand what to do or how it is supposed to help, the Muse 2 is a good place to start.

Hand holds the Atmotube Pro portable air quality monitor

Atmotube Pro air quality monitor

The Atmotube is a small, portable, phone-sized air monitor that can be attached to a bag or belt. The device can notify you of particles in the air or possible problems with air quality. It also includes a weather station that registers temperature, humidity, and air pressure from the environment, so you have a powerful tool, especially for people with breathing problems. You can even use the companion app to track air quality pollution over time.

Woman sitting on the couch with a Vitastiq 2Vitastiq

Vitastiq 2 vitamin tracker

Concerned about your general health but don’t want to see a doctor every time you want information? The Vitastiq 2 is a small, pen-like device that can detect the level of vitamins in your body through your skin.

To measure each of the vitamins and minerals, use the pen tip to touch your skin near your fingernails. The device uses what is known as an electroacupuncture method (EAV), which painlessly detects the electrical resistance in some acupuncture points in the body, which can change if there is a vitamin imbalance.

Vitastiq detects vitamin levels and trends over time and can let you know if you’re missing anything from vitamin A to zinc to dozens of vitamins and minerals in between.

$ 153 from Vitastiq

Close-up of a man showing off the Apple Watch Series 6 on his wristApple

Apple Watch Series 6

Sure, you get guided workouts and step tracking – plus all the fun things – but since we all do a bit of do-it-yourself (DIY) doctoring at home, heart rate tracking, EKG readings, fall detection, and heart rate monitoring on Apple’s newest watch, the Series 6, can help.

Not a runner or a hardcore athlete? Apple Watch Series 6 will also help you improve both wellbeing and stress levels. For example, the Breathe app can poke you throughout the day and remind you to take a deep breath and clear your head. Just turn it on and follow the steps for a short, medium, or long relaxation break.

Fitbit Aria Air 2 Smart Scale

With these intelligent, connected scales, you receive your weighings, your BMI, your muscle mass and your body fat percentage as well as a multitude of other relevant information directly on the display or directly on your wrist. Of course, the Fitbit Aria Air 2 is also synchronized with a Fitbit fitness tracker and thus offers an overview of your health. Needless to say, it is one of the best bathroom scales available.

LARQ water bottle sits next to a yoga matLARQ

LARQ self-cleaning water bottle

Anyone who has ever used their water bottle for too long between proper washes knows that nasty things can sometimes build up inside. LARQ solves this problem by building UV light into the bottle so you can disinfect the water and keep harmful bacteria away. These bottles can also filter the water.

A battery operated water bottle? We’re skeptical too, but the battery is supposed to last a month, and anything that keeps things clean is definitely in high demand these days. Plus, it has a double-walled design that keeps drinks hot and cold for hours – and uses less plastic.

Biosense breath keton detector rests on a towel next to a smartphoneBiosense

Biosense breath ketone detector

Anyone on the keto diet knows that stepping into ketosis can be crucial for optimal weight loss and fat burning in the Urine Test. However, Biosense makes ketosis feedback instantly and conveniently with this breath-based handheld device. All you have to do is take a deep breath in the breathalyzer and you will get instant results in the dedicated mobile app.

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