The Finder Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Your Mac desktop’s Finder app is a hub of constant activity. You use the app, for starters, to install and launch apps, preview files, organize, back up and share your data.
Given that Finder comes in handy in so many ways, learning how to navigate it faster is sure to boost your productivity. And that’s where this cheat sheet comes in. It shows you how to take care of various Finder tasks mostly without taking your hands of the keyboard.
If you’re new to Finder, take a detour through our Finder tips for macOS newbies and top tips for using Finder efficiently before you explore the shortcuts below.
FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as a downloadable PDF from our distribution partner, TradePub. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only. Download Finder Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac.
The Finder Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac


Basic Finder Actions

Cmd + NOpen new window

Cmd + TOpen new tab

Cmd + WClose active window
¹Close active tab

Shift + Cmd + W¹Close active window

Option + Cmd + WClose all windows
¹Close all tabs except the active tab

Option + Shift + Cmd + W¹Close all windows

Cmd + OOpen selected item(s)

Option + Cmd + OOpen selected item(s) and close active window or ¹active tab

Shift + Cmd + NCreate new folder

Control + Cmd + NCreate new folder and move selected item to it

Cmd + IShow Get Info pane for selected item(s)

Option + Cmd + IShow Inspector pane for selected item(s)

Cmd + POpen selected file for printing

EnterRename selected item

Cmd + CCopy selected item(s) to clipboard

Option + Cmd + C²Copy pathname of selected item to clipboard

Cmd VPaste item(s) from clipboard

Option + Cmd + VMove selected item(s) to active location i.e. cut-paste item(s)

Cmd + ZUndo last action

Shift + Cmd + ZReverse “Undo action”

Cmd + DDuplicated selected item(s)

Control + Cmd + ACreate alias for selected item(s)

Option+ Control + Cmd + ALocate original item for selected alias(es)

³SpaceOpen Quick Look preview of selected item(s)

³Cmd + YOpen Quick Look preview of selected item(s)

³Option + Cmd + YOpen slideshow or fullscreen Quick Look preview of selected item(s)

Control + Cmd + TAdd sidebar shortcuts for selected item(s)

Control + Shift + Cmd + TAdd selected item(s) to Dock

Cmd + DeleteMove selected item(s) to Trash

Option + Cmd + DeleteDelete selected item(s) immediately

Shift + Cmd + DeleteEmpty Trash

Option + Shift + Cmd + DeleteEmpty Trash immediately i.e. without warning dialog

Cmd + EEject the selected disk or volume

Cmd + FOpen a Finder search window (search bar is activated automatically)

Option + Cmd + SpaceOpen a Finder search window even when Finder is not active

View and Sort Options

Cmd + 1Switch to Icon view

Cmd + 2Switch to List view

Cmd + 3Switch to Column view

Cmd + 4Switch to Gallery view

Control + Cmd + 0⁴Sort items into Groups

Control + Option + Cmd + 0Sort items by None

Control + Option + Cmd + 1Sort items by Name

Control + Option + Cmd + 2Sort items by Kind

Control + Option + Cmd + 3Sort items by Date Last Opened

Control + Option + Cmd + 4Sort items by Date Added

Control + Option + Cmd + 5Sort items by Modified

Control + Option + Cmd + 6Sort items by Size

Control + Option + Cmd + 7Sort items by Tags

Option + Cmd + 1Clean up items by Name

Option + Cmd + 2Clean up items by Kind

Option + Cmd + 5Clean up items by Date Modified

Option + Cmd + 6Clean up items by Size

Option + Cmd + 7Clean up items by Tags

Option + Cmd + SToggle sidebar

Option + Cmd + TToggle toolbar and sidebar

Shift + Cmd + TToggle tab bar

Option + Cmd + PToggle path bar

Shift + Cmd + PToggle Preview sidebar

Cmd + / (Forward slash)Toggle status bar

Cmd + JShow View options for active folder

Shift + Cmd + . (Period)Toggle visibility of hidden files

Up ArrowIcon View, Gallery View: Select last item

List View: Select item above

Column View: Select last item if no item selected, otherwise select item above

Down ArrowIcon View, Gallery View: Select first item

List View: Select item below

Column View: Select first item if no item selected, otherwise select item below

Left ArrowIcon View: Select item on the left

List View: Collapse folder

Column View: Select parent folder

Gallery View: Select last item if no item selected, otherwise select first item on the left

Right ArrowIcon View: Select item on the right

List View: Expand folder

Column View: Select child item

Gallery View: Select first item if no item selected, otherwise select first item on the right

TabIcon, List, and Gallery View: Cycle through items in the forward direction

Shift + TabIcon, List, and Gallery View: Cycle through items in the backward direction

Cmd + Up ArrowOpen enclosing (parent) folder

Cmd + Down ArrowSelect first item or open selected item(s)

⁵Cmd + [Go one step backward

⁵Cmd + ]Go one step forward

Accessing Standard Finder Locations

Shift + Cmd + FOpen Recents window

Shift + Cmd + OOpen Documents folder

Shift + Cmd + DOpen Desktop folder

Option + Cmd + LOpen Downloads folder

Shift + Cmd + HOpen Home folder of current user account

Shift + Cmd + COpen Computer window

Shift + Cmd + ROpen AirDrop window

Shift + Cmd + KOpen Network window

Shift + Cmd + IOpen iCloud Drive

Shift + Cmd + AOpen Applications folder

Shift + Cmd + UOpen Utilities folder

Shift + Cmd + GOpen dialog to jump to folder using pathname

Cmd + KOpen Connect to Server utility

Cmd + , (Comma)Open Finder preferences

Window Management

Cmd + MMinimize active window

Option + Cmd + MMinimize all windows

Cmd + ` (Backquote)Cycle through (unminimized) windows

Cmd + HHide Finder

Option + Cmd + HHide all apps except Finder

Cmd + QQuit Finder

Mouse-Based Shortcuts

Cmd-ClickOpen sidebar item in new tab or window

Cmd-Drag Toolbar/Sidebar ItemAdd item to or move/remove item from toolbar/sidebar

Cmd-Drag File/FolderTo toolbar/sidebar: Add a shortcut

To any location on disk: Move item there

EscCancel drag-and-drop action midway

Double-click divider in Column ViewResize corresponding column to fit item with longest name

Option + Double-Click divider in Column ViewResize all columns to fit items with the longest name in each

Option-Drag divider in Column ViewResize columns equally

Option-Click Go MenuReveal link to Library folder

¹When window has multiple tabs
²If multiple items are selected, pathname of first item will be copied.
³If no item selected, preview parent folder with Quick Look.
⁴Does not work in Gallery View.
⁵Based on tab/window history

There’s a Lot More to Discover in Finder!
Our Finder tips don’t end here. We can also help you find your files quicker with tags, complete various macOS tasks with Finder’s Quick Actions, and discover hidden features.
Speaking of hidden features, did you notice that many of the keyboard shortcuts above are secret Option key shortcuts?
Image Credit: Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash
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