The enlargement of LA’s gentle rail system may assist revitalize neighborhoods and enhance air high quality

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The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) granted that Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) a decision log for the East San Fernando Valley light rail transit project showing the system meets federal guidelines for environmental analysis.

The decision paves the way for the agency to apply for federal funding for the planning and construction of the 14.8 kilometer long project that connects Van Nuys’ G (Orange) metro station with the Sylmar / San Metrolink station Fernando will connect.

“The East San Fernando Valley light rail project has been one of my top transportation priorities since I was elected to the city council,” said Metro Director Paul Krekorian.

“This critical backbone project will be the first light rail line in the valley, connecting communities, revitalizing neighborhoods, reducing traffic jams and improving air quality. Last month we pushed the project forward with a $ 30 million (£ 21.7 million) investment in utility works to expedite construction.

“With the decision minutes of the Federal Transport Authority, this line can now be considered for federal funding opportunities, and we are well on the way to fully finance and complete the basis for the future of transit in the San Fernando Valley.”

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The light rail line will mainly run along Van Nuys Boulevard – one of the busiest corridors in the valley. Metro received California’s environmental permit for the project last December.

With an end-to-end travel time of 31 minutes, daily boardings are expected to exceed 30,000 by 2040.

First / last mile

Metro has also developed a plan for the first / last mile of the project, which lists improvements that will make walking and cycling to and from the planned 14 transit stations safer.

The agency will work with the City of Los Angeles to identify an improved parallel first / last mile bike route to replace existing bike lanes on Van Nuys Boulevard that the Panorama City and Pacoima project will remove.

“The East San Fernando Valley light rail transit project is just one of several major transportation improvements we have in store for the San Fernando Valley,” said Phillip A. Washington, CEO of Metro. “It happens to be the first company to start construction as we keep our promise of better mobility for the people of the valley.”

The project will officially start construction in 2022 and is expected to open by 2028.

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Published on February 26, 2021 – 12:00 UTC

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