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The effectivity of an arrogance unit in your rest room

One of the best and most effective ways to create additional storage space in your bathroom is with a vanity unit. This is a piece of bathroom furniture that most commonly includes a sink, mirror, and countertop. Vanities will certainly have more than these elements. Many modern vanity styles include lighting, built-in cabinets, and other architectural subtleties. The bathroom is a central feature of your home. A vanity unit is an indispensable element of your bathroom for functionality and design. There are many practical and stylish options to choose from in different styles and designs to suit every individual taste.

How vanity units came about

It has always been the custom to wash your face after getting up. In the past, before there were sanitary facilities, there was a simple built-in washbasin in the bedroom for this purpose. Face and hands were washed in the morning after getting up and in the evening before going to bed.

After the invention of modern sanitary technology, the basic shape of the washbasin was retained, with an additional flat worktop, today’s vanity unit. It was then taken from the sleeping chambers to the bathroom as it had its own space. Over the years, bathroom vanity units have grown in popularity as people seek to hide their toiletries. A vanity unit offers you a minimalist style that takes up minimal space while creating additional storage space without compromising the style.


Vanity units were common during the post-war housing boom. The original design provided a height that could accommodate both children and adults, as the bathrooms were then shared. Nowadays, most of them are placed higher in apartment buildings and therefore require less prevention and prevention.

Each vanity unit varies in size; there is no set standard. Your bathroom space determines the appropriate cabinet size. In general, freestanding units can reach a height and width of up to three feet, which is a great storage solution in terms of space. The average height is one meter to allow children and adults to access the sink. The width is the variance in the free-standing units.

The wall-mounted options are usually smaller than the freestanding ones and are often divided into two categories. The long and thin version – with cabinet and basin and the short and angular version – with drawer and basin. They don’t have a specific height as you can mount them anywhere on the wall.


Bathroom vanities can be traditional or modern, with the latter available in adventurous colors with defined, sharp lines. The former are rather rounded in cream or white color. Modern cabinets generally have soft closing doors with no handles, while the traditional models have handles. A vanity unit combines aesthetics with functionality. To better choose the more appropriate style for your bathroom, consider the existing look and buy vanity units that complement the current design.

Vanity units are available in a range of colors such as white, black, gray, oak, cream and mahogany. They are made from a variety of materials such as plywood with lacquered birch, melamine-faced chipboard (MFC) or medium-density fibreboard (MDF). When choosing a vanity unit, Riluxa has come to the right place for a range of styles and designs.

With the continued growth of custom bathroom designs, the limits of size, height, and style are only limited by your imagination.

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