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The Best Eyelash Extensions in Los Angeles for Asian Eyes

Wow, I just checked the dates and it’s been three weeks since I got my lashes done at Body Lash and Brow in Los Angeles and my lashes are still looking great!At this rate, they’ll definitely last at least another week or more. 

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The Eyelash Extension ProcessAsian Eyelash Extensions – Why do they need a special technicianEyelash Extension CareThe Best Eyelash Extension for Asians in Los Angeles

I took a break from eyelash extensions for about a year, I was getting them done twice a month, and it was too much for me. However, recently I’ve been having a really bad allergic reaction from the DUO eyelash glue that I was applying daily to strip lashes, so I decided to go back to eyelash extensions. It was pretty magical….once I had my extensions on, the allergic reaction and dryness around my eyes went away completely. Also, I don’t have to deal with the daily hassle of putting on eyelashes every day, I wake up magically ready to go!Unfortunately I forgot to shoot a before photo, but my lashes were pretty damaged from my daily application of strip lashes. I hardly had any lashes at all.Here’s what my lashes looked like right after Toni from Body Lash and Brow worked on them!The service that I got was for Hybrid Lashes, it’s a mix of Classic and Volume Lashes. Classic lashes are the method in which one eyelash extension is affixed to one of your own eyelashes. The method of Volume lashes attaches 2-3 eyelash extensions to each individual eyelash. The Eyelash Extension ProcessIt’s funny, I was asked several times if getting eyelashes extensions hurt. Of course it doesn’t they are merely gluing extensions onto your lashes. It’s best to show up without any makeup on, Toni puts eye pads under your eyes and the whole process is relaxing, you can chat or nap during the process.The entire first application took about 2 hours. Refill appointments are much shorter, usually about 1 hour. I asked for the biggest volume lashes ever, I was not going for the natural look. I think that for my fill, I could get the lashes 1-2 millimeters shorter!Asian Eyelash Extensions – Why do they need a special technicianAsian lashes kind of suck. Sorry…..They are stick straight, extremely hard to curl, extra thin, often sparse, and usually point straight down. Also, our eyes are shaped so differently from other ethnicities, that the technician really needs to have special artistic skills to place the proper length and type of lashes throughout the eye to create the perfect look.Lashes that are too long for the Asian eye can droop, which is obviously not ideal.Btw if you are somehow blessed with Asian eyelashes that don’t need the help of eyelash extensions, Body Lash and Brow has a service for perming lashes called Keratin Lash Lifts.Here are some tips on how to best apply Asian Eyelash extensionsApply surgical tape just above the base of the lashes on the upper lid. Next pull it just a little bit towards the temple. This causes the lashes to automatically isolate!J and B curl lashes are ideal for Asian eyes, especially if your Asian client has a monolid – meaning that there is no visible eyelid crease. C curls tend to look very unnatural with a monolid eye. If your client has a super slanted eye, where the inner corner is lower than the outer corner, avoid applying lashes too much to the inner corner. Applying lashes here can actually cause this type of eye to appear even smaller or even closed.Use a shorter length on Asian eyes than you would use on clients of other ethnicities. However, thicker diameters work best!

Eyelash Extension Care- Don’t get your lashes wet for 24-48 hours after your eyelash application- Avoid using oil-based eye makeup removed- If your eyelashes get tangly, simply brush out with an eyelash brush.- Try to sleep on your back!The Best Eyelash Extension for Asians in Los AngelesBody Lash and Brow is located inside the very popular Ibiza Nails in West Hollywood. There is parking for customers out front!The post The Best Eyelash Extensions in Los Angeles for Asian Eyes appeared first on Nylon Pink.

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