Spotify Wants to Help Podcasters Get More Listeners

Spotify has launched Spotify for Podcasters, a dedicated platform just for podcasters. With podcasting growing as a medium, streaming media companies are desperate to become the home of podcasts. Hence Spotify reaching out to podcasters in this way.
How to Use Spotify for Podcasters
As explained on the Spotify Newsroom, Spotify for Podcasters is a platform designed to empower the podcast-creating community. It’s primarily a “discovery and analytics dashboard” for both novice and established podcasters alike.
Spotify has been working on Spotify for Podcasters for the past year, with around 100,000 podcasters signing up to the beta. Spotify for Podcasters is now coming out of beta, which opens it up to any podcaster who publishes their podcast(s) on Spotify.
At its most basic you can use Spotify for Podcasters to submit your show to Spotify. However, you can then “dive deep into engagement and demographic data for your podcast, tracking things like average listening times, episode streams, and total listeners.”

If you’re a podcaster, or have plans to become one soon, Spotify hopes that Spotify for Podcasters will “help you engage with and understand your listeners, find new fans, discover insights from your peers, and ultimately grow your career.”
Good for Podcasters, Bad for Listeners?
If you’re a podcaster, this is all good news. Spotify for Podcasters will give you more insights into who is listening to your podcasts, and how. It will also help you cater more to your existing listenership while also growing your audience. Fingers crossed.
However, for podcast listeners there’s a risk that Spotify for Podcasters will change the game. Once podcasters drill down into the data they may stop taking risks and instead focus on what resonates with their audiences. Which could lead to blander output.
The Best Podcasts on Spotify
Spotify currently hosts around 450,000 podcasts, which means listeners are spoilt for choice. Which is why anything which helps podcasters understand their audience is a good thing. And to help get you started here are the best podcasts on Spotify right now.
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