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Second Floor Framing

Wow. So, we’re working on the loan to finish the house, but we also didn’t want to lose a month or more while that happens and the builder had a crew available, so we moved forward with framing. We signed the contract on a Thursday, I cleared all of the debris and tools out of the second floor and attic over the weekend, the crew started on Monday, and they finished the following week Tuesday.

What I’m saying is that, in seven days of work, the framing of the second floor and attic was completed. This included the structural work of putting in beams and columns and adding blocking to the outside walls to support the new lowered joists, replacing the subfloor on the second floor, framing the second floor interior walls, the attic subfloor, building stairs up to the attic, adding the collar ties that make the ceiling of the attic rooms, and finally, framing the interior walls in the attic.

I took a video because photos of framed walls are difficult to make sense of

If I had done this work myself, with assistance from friends and family, a rough guess is that it would have taken about a year. That actually makes sense, given that a crew of eight carpenters working for seven days is 56 days worth of work, and a generous estimate is that, on average, I find time to work on the house one day a week.

There are a couple of things that they either didn’t do or did differently than I’d prefer that I intend to simply fix myself, like adding exterior wall fire blocking to the second floor and tweaking a couple of closet walls in the attic where the slope of the roof didn’t exactly align with the drawings. Hopefully I’ll get that done in the next few weeks while we’re working on the loan. That’s a whole other story that I’ll put into its own post.

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