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Saturday Surfing, Sep. 7th, 2019

Here’s a Caturday meta moment for ya: behold, a selfie of a selfie, with one of them taken from a toy smartphone that makes a shutter *click* sound.
And, chances are you’re looking at this pic on your smartphone right now, so that would be a picture of a picture of a picture…
SAY WHAT?! I know, I’m blowing your mind right meow. 🙀😁
Oh, and after that selfie session, Connor Claire pretended to text the pic to me and her dad before answering a pretend call from her preschool BFF. “Hewo, Kenswee? This is Connor.”
If you happen to have a kitty 🐈 on your lap this morning, please give him/her my regards, and come say hi in the comments.
On that note, today’s reading…

This new beauty exhibit at the African American Museum of Iowa explores the culture of black hair.
5 ways to “wash” (air quotes) hair sans shampoo
Google Trends data tells us that society’s view on gray hair is changing, as there’s been a 39% rise in searches for “natural grey hair” since 2012.
Excoriation disorder — or skin picking — affects roughly 1.4 percent of the population, and it’s categorized as an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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