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Our Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Posts of 2019

This year, we expanded into posting seven days a week, keeping fashion and lifestyle mainly on Saturdays (which you seemed to like) so it didn’t take up a day of design content. While I’m not a model, I do have fun with these posts. We are honestly always trying to figure out how to do fashion in a way that is indeed meaningful or informative, not just pushing to buy new clothes all the time. We know that fast fashion is an industry that produces a lot of waste, so we really try to approach it like, if you are going swimming and literally don’t have a swimsuit, then here are some that I can tell you are good instead of just buy more swimsuits. Fashion posts end up being a decent amount of revenue because we make a small commission off of anything you purchase through the blog, so I’d love your input on how we can do fashion posts in the best way possible, all budgets, all styles, all shapes/sizes and of course mixing in vintage and thrifted (hello, January). A huge thanks to Ryann, Veronica and Mallory for helping produce these posts and for making me feel more comfortable when I’m on the corner of sunset junction and swinging a bag, laughing at air and feeling very self concous for how serious I appear to be taking myself. I’m not. but I appreciate how serious you do your job,
But, for now, we’re taking a look back on this year’s fashion posts and which ones made it into the Top 10. Here goes.
#10: Six Fall Sweaters I’m Loving + How To Wear Them 

Coming in at #10 is FALL SWEATERS. This is the first year I truly embraced the sweater and boy did I. My friend Suzanne helped style this one which is so fun, and judging from comments, you guys seem to love when Suzanne is involved in these shoots (and I am, too).
#9: A Fashion Review: New Clothing On My And How I Like Them (Or Not) 

This was my first review-style post and I think you guys liked that I gave my opinions on when something wasn’t quite good or I bought but planned on returning for whatever reason. I think that’s the kind of information that isn’t always the easiest to find and might better inform your shopping.
#8: 12 Sustainable Fashion Brands To Try If You Love Clothes But Also The Earth 

I’m SO HAPPY that this post did so well. We highlighted sustainable brands (and boy are more and more popping up every day which is AWESOME) and you guys were into it. YAY. Would love to hear if you have any other sustainable brand suggestions, if you have them.
#7: My “Casual, Comfortable, Cool” Spring Weekend Wardrobe 

I’m pretty sure this only made it in the top 10 because of Boris (the dog, obviously), but there are some great outfits in this one including one where I try wearing a sweatpants/beanie combination in a cool way (and again, Suzanne helped out which was so fun).
#6: I Let My 20-Something-Year-Old Staff Dress Me In The Latest Fashion Trends 

I LOVED this post, and while you guys didn’t really buy any of the pieces, the concept sure was fun and I want to do more like these. If you skipped over this one originally, it’s worth reading just for the laughs alone.
#5: 18 Pairs of Fall Boots: A Review Of The Good, The Great, and The So-So 

YAY FOR REAL REVIEWS. Next year, we might actually go to the stores and review them as I’m trying them on to save one step (if we can shoot in the store), so shout out what you want me to review in the comments and we’ll try to make it work.
#4: 8 Pajama Sets That I Will Be Wearing All Winter

We joked that we should just become a pajama blog because the traffic on this post was so much more than we thought it would be (over 50,000 views). But okay, got it…you guys like pajamas (and reviews).
#3: 51 Affordable Spring Dresses (& One Awesome Jumper I Couldn’t Resist) 

I think people were just so ready to think about summer, that this spring dresses post really hit. Just seeing someone else dressed for warm weather lets everyone know and get excited that it’s coming soon.
#2: The 3 Stylish, Comfortable Pants I Wear All The Time

I was glad that this one hit. My team was skeptical because they are kinda boring pants, but I truly loved wearing them all the time and you guys really responded to that. Sometimes it’s the basic stuff that resonates the most, I guess.
#1: Active And Modest Swimsuits That Make Me Feel Good 

Needless to say, I was VERY nervous about putting 15 photos of myself in a swimsuit on the internet, (and as you know, we don’t Photoshop people at EHD). So thank you for clicking on it, sharing and making me glad I did it.
We are brainstorming a lot about what 2020 lifestyle and fashion posts look like, and I’m not a fashion expert so I generally don’t love to give out tips, but please let me know what you’d love to see, and what you come here for, fashion-wise. We did a few team fashion posts and I’d love to diversify even more and incorporate other people’s style, not just mine. Thoughts?
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