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Our farmhouse kitchen tour

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Are you starting out 2020 with a bang? The fact that it’s already January 13 and I’m just now asking this should tip you off to the fact that I’m off to a slow start.
No huge, specific goals. No resolutions. But I’m happy for a fresh year. We made it. There’s something exciting about turning the page of a calendar – and a new decade, to boot.
I finally managed to get all our Christmas decor put away and organized in the basement. (I purged lots of our never-used items and got everything into matching bins, which brings me great joy.) And now I’m working on getting our home back to “normal.” Mostly that means putting out our everyday decor and clearing counters of all the extra stuff.
As I was decorating and tidying up the kitchen, I wanted to share a little tour, following the holiday hubbub. I do tweak our spaces throughout the year for the seasons and holidays, but I don’t go too crazy. I have a few favorite spots to add seasonal touches. Our farmhouse kitchen is one of those places.
So while I have added some fresh winter and Valentine’s Day touches, I think it also feels pretty classic overall – which is just the way I like it.

The range wall is probably one of my favorite spaces in our house. And it’s also one of the most visible – being the main view from most of our main floor.
The barnwood hood vent cover was built by Ryan with old barn boards from our barn. The tile was installed by my dad. The old feed sign was a housewarming gift from my aunt and uncle. And the cup holder is the perfect spot to hang my Rae Dunn mugs and some other seasonal decor.
(Psst:  The Cups for Days rack is on sale TODAY at Decor Steals. It’s way less expensive than I paid a few years ago.)

White kitchens can get a bad rap – as being boring or sterile. But I love the mix of white and metal and black and navy and so much wood. It’s not sterile at all. In fact, it may be a little busy for some people. Not me, of course. It’s pretty special to believe you have your dream kitchen.
On the other wall, we designed a larger area for displays. It’s such a fun spot to show off some of my favorite things – where no one can accidentally break them. (Although few things are so precious that it matters, in case my 7-year-old forgets the “no throwing balls in the kitchen rule” – not that he’d ever forget that!) Rae Dunn items are becoming more and more accessible to find – I don’t know if that’s because people are moving on or if it’s because they are finally supplying more items to meet demand. Perhaps a combination of both. But, I’m quite happy with my little Dunn collection and love that I can display it all without cluttering all my countertops.
The answer is YES. I do use the Rae Dunn. It’s not 100 percent for display. At least, some of it. I keep the items we use regularly on the lower shelves – the butter dish (for our bred) and sugar dish (for my coffee). The dessert plates and bowls are used several times a week for dessert and soups. AndI pull out other items for entertaining, as needed. We also have a few other pieces near the mug rack that are used daily.
I have had most of these items for some time, but do add pieces when they pop up. I don’t actually shop often, but my dear friend Mel has gifted and found some of my favorite pieces that I would have never found on my own.
I only needed to add some faux greenery and a few hearts and flowers to make it feel current here. The majority of this display stays the same throughout the year. If you love something, why change it?
In addition to display, this wall of storage is such a luxury.
We actually keep the majority of our daily kitchen items (like dishes, glasses, cookware and storage, along with food) on the other side of the kitchen – near the sink, fridge and dishwasher.
That leaves this side open for everything else – including small appliances, office supplies and a printer, seasonal decor, and art supplies. I even have a cabinet here that’s available to keep all of Henry’s school work and artwork together.) It’s pretty awesome to have a place for all the things we bring into the kitchen. (That doesn’t mean this doesn’t become a dumping ground – it does. But at least there is space for storage.)
Our kitchen is officially ready to take on 2020 and whatever the new year throws its way. Which, is likely loads of kid snacks, some bottles of wine, and piles of mail and paperwork. Just like last year.
Hope you enjoyed this little tour!
Sources for some favorites in the kitchen:
Grateful sign
Cup for Days rack
Large wooden dough bowl
Metal plate rack
Valentine’s truck string art
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