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Melbourne Timber Flooring Information 101: Your Information to Shopping for Wooden Flooring

If you love decorating, you are sure to be delighted when the prospect of renovation or home design comes to mind. Granted, it’ll be a journey of hard calls and a little bit of money to spend – but the process is sure to amaze you, especially when it comes to deciding which part goes with which. Unfortunately, these decisions can get overwhelming at times, especially when one factor in the house can affect another. Once you’ve decided on a hardwood floor for your home, there are still a few things you need to assess to determine which type of hardwood floor is right for your aesthetic. Luckily for you, this Melbourne Timber Floor Guide is your guide to buying wood floors.

It can be helpful to take the time to realize that many people actually pay more attention to renovations, especially first-time buyers and millennials. Indeed, the latter spent an estimated $ 26,200 upgrading various aspects of their homes last year in 2017, with first-time visitors actually spending $ 33,800 in the same year. Interestingly, home renovation spending was actually in the range of $ 60,000 in 2017, which means there has been a lot of change in households with changing trends and new wonders in home aesthetics.

Wooden floor: choose the type you like

It’s important to remember that when choosing a hardwood floor, make sure that your choice is likely to be your final choice. If you are looking for services to buy in areas like Australia Melbourne wooden floor It is also best to seek advice from local shops nearby. It can be expensive to replace your home furnishings if it turns out that the wood floor look you have chosen does not suit the budget. To avoid making such a mistake, here are a few tips to follow and consider:

  • Make sure to clarify further preliminary factors before each purchase: Before we get into the details, it is important to be aware of at least those aspects of the purchase that do not directly affect the wood and the aesthetics of the home. This includes your plans for the renovation, your budget, and even the time it will take to install it.
  • First, evaluate your budget. Be aware of how much you can allocate for wooden parquet so that it is easier for you to choose the variant you want later. Remember that this budget applies not only to the wood itself, but also to other costs such as installation.
  • Remember your plans for renovation or installation in the first place. Where should the flooring be and will you buy extra in case adjustments are needed, or do you combine it with other types of floors? Is your budget for both types of floors or just for the wood? How long should the renovation take and how long would it take to install the wood variant of your choice?
  • Note the types you can use: Wooden floors come in different finishes depending on the type of material, aesthetics and purpose for which they are best suited. It’s best you know them in the simplest sense so you can see if they go with the aesthetics of your home.
  • Parquet floor is a type of floor covering made of solid lengths of wood. They are often sanded, cut, and have very smooth sides. They are often unsealed and raw and therefore have natural differences in color, grain and depth. These often have to be on site for around three weeks before they can be fully installed so that they are not prone to twisting and cupping.
  • Floating or multilayer wooden floor combines layers of plywood into hardwood, which makes them pretty affordable despite similar aesthetics. Assembly is also easier as they do not have to be glued or nailed, just locked.
  • Parquet floors are created by combining individual pieces of wood to form a specific geometric pattern. Herringbone is the most popular pattern, but there are also square-on-square, basket weave, and linear patterns. These are often delivered pre-assembled and glued to a wooden substructure.
  • Bamboo floor is not a tree, but one of the fastest growing grasses in the world. Bamboo is typically very environmentally friendly, and the fibers are formed into boards using resin-based adhesives, pressure, and heat. Interestingly, bamboo is much harder than most plywood, which makes it an attractive alternative.
  • Laminate floor is considered a wooden floor, but is not exactly made of wood. Its similar feel and aesthetics seem to make it look like wood. It’s essentially synthetic, in which an image of a wood is simply applied over the top of natural wood.
  • Make sure you understand how your home aesthetic works: Wood is such a natural color that it goes well with many designs, regardless of its variety. This makes wood a timeless aesthetic addition to any environment. Woodwork with traditional and classic architectural settings, Gothic setups, or even modern layouts are good options. However, wood shines best when paired or used in combination with certain materials.
  • See if you have other wooden items on your wooden floor. In this case, make sure that the design of your flooring is different from the wooden object. It is recommended that one or the other wooden element has a contrasting shade so that the difference in value (as in the dark or light) can highlight that the floor is made of wood and an object is made of a different species of wood.
  • Check to see if you put a lot of items on the wooden floor. If you plan to put a lot of items on the wooden floor, choose a floor design that doesn’t have a lot of distinctive details. The clearer or duller the design, the easier it is to draw attention to the objects. If there are fewer objects in the room, do the opposite – make sure the floor is visible so that with sufficient focus and attention, the objects can still glow.

Conclusion: wooden floors have to be aesthetic and practical

Whether you’re doing renovations or looking to make changes to your home, choosing the right flooring for your home can be a contradicting decision. After all, replacing the “wrong” floor costs time and money, and it can be very cumbersome when you have to settle for a floor that you don’t like. If wood flooring is your flooring of choice, you have a fun ride ahead of you as choosing the right wood flooring for your home comes with tons of design and practical choices that are sure to have a great day out. Remember, like the advice above, you don’t just need to consider your aesthetics when choosing the right wood flooring. Always pay close attention to how the floor is holding up due to the quality and evolving aesthetics of your home.

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