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improve your bed room with small tweaks

Upgrading your bedroom is a dream. We all know how wonderful it feels to step into a freshly decorated room that’s decked out with beautifully designed home furnishings, sleek color schemes, and an eye-catching finishing touch. We have the perfect advice for you and your home and complete the building blocks for a complete, fresh, new furnishing style.

The smaller details really make a difference when adding value to your space. from counter With sockets, you can combine high-contrast and complementary electrical functions in your room to give it real finesse. We often forget to upgrade our sockets and switches and underestimate the impact this will have on your home, not only from a safety point of view, but also from an aesthetic point of view. Our personal favorites are a dimmer or toggle switch made of smoked bronze or brass. A dimmer switch is perfect for setting the evening tone for a beautiful bedroom ambience.

Image source: Buster & Punch

For details about your headboard, introduction Drop trailer Either side of your bed to replace lamps and bedside tables is a perfect space saving technique and will add a luxurious, minimalist feel to your bedroom. If you control each of these with separate dimmer switches, you can create your own lighting on either side of the room. In addition, pendulums are perfect lighting for reading.

If there is enough space in your room, you can set up a coffee corner. This is a room with a nice bedroom chair and a small table for extra space to relax and unwind. A beautiful piece of furniture in your room creates a striking eye-catcher in the room that gives character and definition. If your room is more neutral, you can use a dash of color here as an elegant contrast element.

let’s talk Flooring. Flooring can completely transform your space, and while this can’t be considered a “small improvement”, it shows how something so simple can have a big impact on the look of a room. We love a soft carpet in your comfort rooms such as a cozy office, living room or bedroom. The warm, calming touch of the soles of your feet is enough to provide any comfort. In the hallway and kitchen, our top favorites are a herringbone parquet floor or a neutral tile. The nice thing about it is the easy handling and cleaning with a clear and clean surface at the same time.

After all, your home textiles play a huge role in the design of your bedroom. More precisely here your curtains and blinds. If you want to keep the light out, consider a Roman shade paired with thick, luxurious, lined curtains for added comfort. Nothing picks up a room and gives it more character than beautifully designed curtains. For a more luxurious feel, consider a silver-lined pleated curtain or other neutral metallic tones.

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