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How to Use Witch Hazel in Your Skincare Routine

The more popular something becomes, the more people try to cheapen or “dupe” it. The same goes for skincare. We’ve seen a rise in both interest and general knowledge of skincare routines, formulas and products, yet we continue to see clients who insist on creating DIY formulas for skin concerns that could easily be remedied with the right over the counter product. You may think that making your own products is the answer, but we’re here to (gently) remind you that it’s not. Though you’ll never catch us recommending lemon, honey and baking soda as a facial cleanser/mask, there is one frequently promoted ingredient that receives love from both professionals and DIYers alike, and that’s Witch Hazel.

Witch Hazel, also known as Hamamelis Virginiana, is an antioxidant and astringent that soothes and heals the skin. Widely used for centuries, Witch Hazel addresses a variety of ailments, from bug bites to breakouts, swelling to sensitivities. Native to North American and Japan, the flowering plant’s leaves, bark and twigs are used to create the liquid form that’s known today. Not sure where you should be incorporating this multi-functional ingredient? We’re here to help:

How to Use Witch Hazel

On its own, Witch Hazel is frequently overused, which can lead to dryness. While we don’t promote Witch Hazel for use on its own, it can be an amazing addition to our popular formulas to help them work even harder to treat your unique skin concerns.


One of the most common uses for Witch Hazel is to help treat and clear signs of acne. Thanks to its soothing properties, it’s perfect for calming redness and inflammation associated with breakouts. Not to mention, the astringent properties help rid the complexion of any blemish-causing bacteria and excess oil. You can find it in some of our best-selling acne and oily skin formulas such as:

Renew SerumPurifying MistRefining MaskOil Control Emulsion


Although it’s not a long term anti-aging option, Witch Hazel can help immediately tighten your skin. Tannins shrink and constrict skin tissue, which gives the overall appearance of a smoother complexion. We combine Witch Hazel with more potent anti-aging ingredients in our popular Firm Skin formulas to give you immediate and long term benefits. Find it in some of our favorite products including:

Phyto-Active Firming SerumSuper SerumRetinol Smoothing SerumPhyto-Active Conditioning OilPhyto-Active Eye CreamRestorative CreamRestorative Mask


If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, you know that it’s one of the hardest skin concerns to treat. Because of this, we rarely (if ever) recommend just one single ingredient as a treatment. You’re more likely to experience success if you use products with multiple active ingredients, since there’s no way to know which ingredient will help the most. That’s why we include Witch Hazel in all three of our Bright Skin Solution serums:

Brightening SerumLightening SerumTriple Action Serum

Witch Hazel’s ability to treat discoloration makes it the perfect additive to hyperpigmentation formulas and you can find it in all three different levels of intensity.

Have you tried any of our Witch Hazel formulas? Let us know in the comments!
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