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How To Train Your Mind and Body Not To Gain Weight?

Today, we decided to take up an issue which is quite different from what we usually do since I personally felt that this issue can go a long way in forming a steady discourse in the future. Today, we shall talk about how to train your mind and body so that you do not gain weight. In other words, we shall discuss the psychological influence of the mind over the body with respect to staying in shape. So without any further ado, let us begin. As the old English proverb goes, “where the mind goes, the body follows.” Taking a cue from this and based on latest studies directed at understanding the links/connections between weight gain/loss and our mindset, we have come a long way to realize, with a fair degree of certainty that our mindset, our psychology plays a big role in whether or not we stay in shape. Study after study has revealed this connection between human psychology and weight gain/loss. So what are the ways and means of getting this done is style and effectively (read scientifically and safely) and how to train your mind and body not to gain weight.

1. Do not obsess over the weighing scale: Most of us who are on the slimming wheel wagon, tend to obsess over the readings on the weighing scale. As such, even if after a hard day’s work out, the scales betray any significant difference – some of us practically breakdown. This is not good. This flight between overjoy and breakdown has detrimental effects not only on your mental health but also disturbs our exercise routine. As such, it is best to avoid frequently stepping on the weighing scale after every single round of exercise and instead focus on the regime.
2. Transfer your Beliefs: All of us have received life lessons from our parents and guardians. And more often than not, our guardians aren’t too keen on our dieting choices. Rather they have certain quite severe reservations about the whole affair. We are coaxed and at times, encouraged and even blackmailed to break our diet and eat a plateful of food. We need to shift our beliefs, albeit respectfully, from such advice. Our parents wish us well, however, they fail to see the immense merit in maintaining a good diet to stay slim. As such, we need to keep to our diet while remaining respectful towards our seniors.
3. Seek professional help from a psychologist/counsellor: Sometimes, it is quite difficult to stay on the wagon of a strict exercise regime and a healthy diet. The chances of falling off as such is pretty steep and it might be most prudent to solicit professional help at times. Certified fitness counsellors and psychologists are trained to help us out in our times of need, so that we can stick to our commitments of regular exercise and diet.
4. Recall feats that you have achieved (Positive Thoughts): In light of the aforementioned, it is a common occurrence where we feel lost and hopeless, especially when we fail to meet a certain target that we had set for ourselves. Under the circumstances, it would benefit us greatly to remember all the difficult targets that we had set for ourselves previously and attained them accordingly, with flying colours. Staying positive is the key under the circumstances.
5. Concentrate on how you feel from within: We must not lose touch with our emotions and feelings that set us on the path of exercise and good health in the first place, as we concentrate on not losing sight of our set targets. This will reinforce our beliefs and remind us why we chose health through exercise and good health in the first place.
6. Train your mind to alter your lifestyle: Any major lifestyle change, must follow a change in attitude. It is the primary prerequisite before embarking on the long and exacting path of regular exercise and strict diet. So before we commit to a drastic change in lifestyle, we must first begin with altering our mind. We must train our mind to accept the change in lifestyle.
There is a famous quote by the Greek philosopher and satirist, Juvenal which goes something like, “Mens sana in corpore sano” in Latin, which, in English, stands roughly translated as, ‘A Sound Mind in a Sound Body”. I guess nothing captures the spirit of our basic contention in this article as Juvenal’s quote. Well dear reader, tell us what you think of the article in the comments section below. And as always, stay pretty and Healthy!!!
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