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How I Lost 15 Kg Through Rati Beauty Diet

This Sunday, I treated myself to something that I had been craving for a long time now – a plate of chole bature! For a lot of people out there, it’s nothing special or extraordinary, something you can order right away through Swiggy or Zomato or pick up from the local street vendor. But for me, that’s what I have been NOT doing for months now – I refrained from giving my body any kind of junk food – deleted all food ordering apps from my phone – that’s the day when I downloaded and got hooked on to “Rati Beauty,” and to the app’s weight loss and diet videos by Rati. It’s been around 6 months of healthy eating and being on Rati Beauty, and I have come down from 74 kgs to 59 kgs, and that’s the reason why I treated myself to a plate of chole bature this Sunday! I tipped the scale all the way from 70s to 50s and my jeans size is now ahem 28!

I wake up every day enthusiastically at 4:30 am for my daily walk in the park to gather compliments on how thin I have become. 😛 Some people at the park have even suspiciously asked me about the kind of music I was listening to through my earphones! I cannot thank Rati for having turned my life 360 degrees around. The amazing thing about this diet program was that I could relate completely to Rati because she was trying to lose her recent post-pregnancy weight and I had been sitting with all that weight for quite a few years now. Seeing Rati’s passion and dedication, I got motivated and tried the weekly diet programs – and with each passing week, I saw results!!! With each week, I was seeing results, both in Rati and in myself, and decided to stick to her diet and weight loss videos.
Something different and amazing about this program is that every week, there’s a change in the kind of diet you are put through, there’s a lot of research and scientific backing put in by Rati and Sanjeevji, and the plans that are put forward give your body and mind healthy food. Each ingredient that is included in the diet is thoroughly researched and its pros and cons weighed in before it gets added to the diet program. I have seen people putting back all the weight they have lost because they go on “fad” diets like keto and after a point, it becomes difficult to sustain such type of diets and all the extra weight bounces back, but with Rati’s weight loss plans, you get to try different things and not limit yourself to just a few things, and maintain the results.
Someone rightly said, “once you see results, it becomes an addiction.” Rati’s dedication towards fitness and weight loss was so contagious, I completely got obsessed about counting calories, cutting down sugar, and staying off of bad carbs. Even with a fridge full of Lindt chocolates and Ferrero Rochers, I trained myself to hold back the temptation because I always remembered Rati’s advice and tips. The trick that worked for me the best is that I started listening to her attentively – making mental notes of every minute detail that she was doling out. For example, she talked about measuring food before it went into your plate and eventually into your mouth, about sporting a fitness band to keep a track of your daily activity, how slogging out in the gym alone wouldn’t work – one would have to create a calorie deficit in order to see serious results.
I lived all through these months on her easy recipes, having her magical drink before every meal (sipping it up with a straw instead of gulping it down), multivitamin must not be skipped she said and I never skipped it! There are some secret bonuses that came along – the PCOD condition which had been bothering me for a few years got under control, acne breakouts have become rare, and my skin has cleared up! Fitness has now become a priority and staying in shape a necessity, all thanks to Rati. I eagerly wait every Tuesday for her videos and at the end of the week, when the scale tips a little more in my favor, I thank my lucky stars and Rati secretly 😛
P.S. The “after” pic that I have attached was taken about a month ago, and I am about 4 kgs lighter than that now and inches from the waist have reduced further, sooooo!!!! 😛
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