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Greatest and worst Clionadh Multichrome

Christine |

12/18/20December 18, 2020

Clionadh Multichrome Eyeshadow There are different types: Jeweled, Vibrant, Hybrid, Pastel, Deep Iridescent, Glitter, Iridescent (Series 1), Iridescent (Series 2) and Iridescent Glitter.

  • Jeweled multichrome are best for someone who wants a very deep, rich color with the most intense shift as a standalone hue – better than a single lid color or an eyeliner
  • Vibrant multichrome are best for someone who tends to wear multiple shades on the lid as these have a more intense base color that made it easier to incorporate into multi-shade looks, even though they were still shifted (but also contrasting shimmer / Shine).
  • Hybrid multichrome are best for someone who likes more mid-tone colors and wants more versatility, whether it can be worn as a standalone lid color or more as a laundry detergent; Technically, a mix of the glitter finish and the tones of the jeweled finish.
  • Pastel multichrome are best suited for someone who wants a faded or muted quality of the tones they achieve and who likes a more subtle shift – not as a contrast to a shift, but still visibly present.
  • Deeply shimmering multichromes are best for those who want some of the vibrancy of a jewel multichrome but are easier to use as the more transparent base makes them more forgiving. These have been specially developed for darker skin tones and are therefore also suitable for washing products on darker skin tones without making them look too light.
  • Glitter multichrome are best for those who love sparkles and sparkles, who don’t mind the possibility of breakdowns and want to wear the versatility as a standalone hue, shimmer detergent, or layer over other products. The bases vary from being more or less transparent, making them easier to work with and more forgiving than Multichrome more opaque bases (like the Jeweled).
  • Iridescent (Series 1) Multichrome are best for those who want something to stand out from traditional duochromes but are overwhelmed by more powerful multichromes like the Jeweled range. These are good for washing colors, highlighting (halo effect, internal tear flow, etc.) or superimposing darker colors (like liner).
  • Iridescent (Series 2) Multichrome are best for those who want to use alternating highlighters to add a touch of brightness to any look or to overlay other products as these have transparent bases. Series 2 is more sparkling and tends to have a bigger / more distinct shift compared to Series 1 (as indicated by the price increase).
  • Shimmering glitter multichrome are best

I’m still working on reviewing the rest of the iridescent (series 2) and glittery multichromes (around 18 outstanding ones I think!), Although the multichromes are pretty consistent across each type, so I’ll update this post as soon as these are available are done, but here we are!

The brand is running a large inventory today, on the 18th, at 5:00 p.m. CET, which is products that are in stock and have already been manufactured. So this is not your typical pre-order like they did last year. You will still have pre-orders for the Multichrome to go through the existing inventory. Matte eyeshadows won’t be replenished until 2021. With their official reopening and replenishment, there is also a nationwide sale as follows:

  • 10% discount on the stained glass collection (Multichrome), both for individuals and for bundles
  • 35% discount on all standard eyeshadows (featured in this post!)
  • 35% discount on highlighters
  • 40% discount on accessories

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