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Friday Finds & Examine-ins, Quantity 593

Share your recent beauty purchases or rediscovered favorites in your stash (for those buying little or nothing!), Chat about weekend plans, and learn a little more about each other!

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  • Recent purchases / rediscoveries: I’m still waiting for orders!
  • Weekend plans: I hope I can try to add additional posts this weekend as my April is apparently going to be a little busier than usual (with life, non-blog stuff!).
  • What was the last thing you cooked?: It hardly counts as cooking, but we made lobster rolls!

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This week’s Mellan photo / video …

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Mellan has always been very, very tolerant and patient! Not that I let him wear costumes for hours, but he always let me dress him up in ridiculous outfits / costumes / headdresses from when he was a young puppy until he was just young. Older dogs can sometimes be less patient with certain things, but he was so food-motivated that he liked to get dressed and sit (or lay down) for photos because he knew the food was on the horizon. I couldn’t pick a favorite costume at all as it looked so good in all of them! 🙂

The photo of him in the oversized tie with tiger stripes is from a trip my husband (then a friend) and I took with my family. It was over a decade ago and it was the first time my family had been with my husband (then boyfriend) in real time. I always loved this photo with the tie because it was in the middle of a yawn but looked so wild! Couldn’t have asked him to take a better pose.

PS – Loved him in his Harry Potter costumes, but I wanted to point out that JK Rowling has been a total and utter disappointment with her transphobia for the past two years.

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