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Farmhouse porch skirting

Like much of the world, we have been spending a lot of time at home in 2020. It’s taking homebodies to a whole new level. (Pssst: We are so thankful that we’ve been able to stay home and stay healthy. Hope that the same goes for you.)
Our calendars are clear, our fridge is full, and we are even checking some projects off the list – like adding porch skirting to the front of the house.
Guys. I have wanted this project done for YEARS. But for some reason (like so many other projects), it kept getting pushed to the back burner.
Ryan wants to blame the hundreds of OTHER projects I have wanted done for years. Eye roll. That doesn’t seem right.
In the end, Ryan purchased all the lumber and installed it all in one day! On what was likely the hottest day of the year in the full sun. That’s true love right there.

We still need to paint it (more about that below) – but it’s already a huge improvement.
To remind you, it was totally open underneath the front porch to the concrete foundation before – which meant it just looked unfinished. Not to mention, there were always tons of weeds under there that were difficult to get to.
I can’t tell you how many times I bashed my head trying to get under there to pull thistle. It was a problem.

Now … we have a lovely backdrop that seems to make the plants look even better. (We also extended this garden bed out and are working on getting it to fill in with plants. One step at a time.)

It’s really surprising how one simple addition can make such a huge difference – even before it’s completely finished.

There are lots of different ways to skirt the porch – we wanted something simple and chose to run pressure treated decking boards horizontally (the boards are 5/4 x 6 inch decking boards). On the corners and in the center of the front, we ran a vertical 2×8 post that is designed to extend from the posts above.

We also installed screening behind the boards the entire way around the porch. This is to keep critters – especially wasps – out. We have had several wasp nests around the front porch and we didn’t want to have nests under the porch that we couldn’t get to.

The other side of the porch is less visible because of all the plants, but it still looks much more finished.

Let’s just take a slight detour now – because it’s a good time to show off all our flowers. (Check out how they looked when we first planted the perennial beds them four years ago.)

The flowers are showing off this year.

Anyhow, I’ll paint the skirting to blend into the house. But I need to let the wood dry out a bit. But, that’s where all the CHOICES come in …

Option 1 – Light Grey (Behr Pumice), the same color as the porch floor and the lighter grey on the top peak
Option 2 – Dark Grey (Behr Magnet), the same color as the main siding
I think either way, I’ll paint the vertical posts white. I’ve already vetoed all white because I think it will be way too bright with the white railings.
(Related posts: Our full exterior color palette and more info about engineered wood siding.)

What would you choose? Dark grey or light grey?
(Full disclosure – I’ll probably do whatever I want anyhow. But I have been known to change my mind and I love to hear new ideas.)

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