Every concrete fact we know about the much-hyped OnePlus TV, all in one place

The OnePlus TV launches in September in India, with a EU, US, and China release coming later.
There are few things we don’t know about the OnePlus TV, including its actual release date and how much it’ll cost.
But we do know a few things for sure, including its resolution, what kind of screen it’ll have, one of the screen sizes it’ll come in, which smart TV platform it’ll run, and some elements of its design.
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OnePlus CEO Pete Lau is dropping teases left and right for the upcoming OnePlus TV, which first launches in India this September.
There’s no release date yet for the OnePlus TV’s launch in India, nor are we certain when the OnePlus TV will make its way to the US, EU, or China. We don’t even know exactly how much it’ll cost, yet. 
With that said, we do know a few concrete facts about the OnePlus TV, and it’s time to put them all in one place. 
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The OnePlus TV will have a 4K “QLED” panel that’s higher quality than regular LCD panels, and one of the screen size options will be 55 inches. It’ll also support Dolby Vision HDR.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed to Business Insider in August that the company is using  QLED screen panels with a 4K resolution. QLED panels offer better colors and contrast than regular LCD panels. 
Amazon India has a product page for the OnePlus TV confirming that it’ll come in a 55-inch screen option, and will support Dolby Vision HDR. Combined with the QLED screen, Dolby Vision should make content that supports it really pop.
OnePlus is focusing on delivering in an area that a lot of TV makers neglect: great audio.
The OnePlus TV will feature eight speakers, output 50W of power, and will have “punchy bass,” the company claims in an early listing on Amazon India, where the OnePlus TV will first be released.
Tweet Embed: // Last week, our first #OnePlusTV came off the production line – a truly monumental moment. Within this box you’ll find over 2 years of dreams, milestones and of course an amazing TV. Proud to seal the very first box, and can’t wait for you to see it!
The OnePlus TV will have a premium design and specs, and it’ll have a premium price to match, OnePlus said.

The OnePlus TV remote looks incredibly sleek. Many are likening it to the Apple TV remote.

The OnePlus TV remote appears to have some kind of port on its bottom edge. It looks like a USB-C port, which could suggest that the remote will be rechargeable rather than using single-use batteries. 
And the OnePlus TV will run on Google’s Android TV platform, with a few tweaks and optimizations from OnePlus.

Lau told Business Insider that the OnePlus TV will have some extra connectivity features with smartphones. One example he gave was using your smartphone’s on-screen keyboard to type in your login credentials instead of using the remote. 
Some streaming services let you log in to their TV apps via the internet on a smartphone or computer, which makes things a lot easier, but not all of them do. The kind of connectivity that Lau described seems useful and bodes well for other features that the OnePlus TV and smartphones will share. 
It’ll launch in India first this September, with the US, EU, and China release coming later.

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