Elon Musk's Cybertruck is getting absolutely roasted on Twitter, and people thinks it looks like something out of a badly rendered video game

Tesla unveiled its first ever truck, the Cybertruck, on Thursday evening.
The Cybertruck is a 6-passenger pickup featuring 3 motors, armored glass, and up to 500 miles of range. It has an extremely angular design.
Twitter has been busily roasting the Cybertruck since the unveiling, with many people saying it looks like a vehicle out of a badly-rendered video game.
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Tesla’s new Cybertruck has not had the easiest start.
CEO Elon Musk unveiled the $39,900 Cybertruck on Thursday night. This is Tesla’s first ever truck which Musk has been hyping up for months.
The Cybertruck is made of a heavy-duty stainless steel and armored glass, and carries six passengers.
The presentation itself hit a snag when Musk tried to show off the truck’s armored windows — and his lead designer promptly smashed them.
But it seems the Cybertruck has more to worry about than a hiccup in its unveiling. Its strangely angular design is being widely derided on Twitter.

Elon: ….andddd print.#Cybertruck #CYBRTRK — Ni (@Avo_NP) November 22, 2019


The Cybertruck reveal is the scene they put in an Elon biopic to communicate “hitting rock bottom” — Visionary Director Scott Wampler™ (@ScottWamplerBMD) November 22, 2019


cybertruck is what you get when you fire everyone that says no to you — Kris Straub (@krisstraub) November 22, 2019


i’m gonna tell my kids this was the new tesla #Cybertruck — yadeer (@yadeer_) November 22, 2019

Some people said the truck’s blocky design reminded them of a badly rendered video game.

Damn I gotta get a better graphics card. Tesla #Cybertruck looks like shit at these low render distances. — Robert Rowe (@RoweGuy7429) November 22, 2019


Tesla cybertruck lookin like an HD port of a PS1 game — Arin Hanson, you say? (@egoraptor) November 22, 2019


Same Energy #CyberTruck — King’s Letter (@TheKingsletter) November 22, 2019


My thoughts on the new Tesla Cybertruck 🙂 — Quin69 (@quinrex) November 22, 2019

The video game comparisons didn’t end there. Some compared the design to the Warthog, an all-terrain vehicle from the “Halo” franchise.

Wow the new Tesla #Cybertruck is sweet. — Windows Central Gaming (@WCGamingTweets) November 22, 2019

Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for some customers.

Just preordered the #Cybertruck and im going to to get a wrap to make it actually look like a warthog! — KEEM 🍿 (@KEEMSTAR) November 22, 2019

One user said its aesthetic came straight from the surreal game “Death Stranding.”

*plays death stranding once* #Cybertruck — kylo em ✨ (@retzae) November 22, 2019

Others compared the unveiling to the car designed by Homer Simpson in the 1991 Simpsons episode “O Brother Where Art Thou.”

Leaked footage of the design meetings for the Tesla #Cybertruck — Kristian Sturt (@FootieWriter) November 22, 2019


Simpsons Did It #Cybertruck — Ireland Simpsons Fans (@iresimpsonsfans) November 22, 2019


Elon Musk unveils the #Cybertruck — James Piqué (@jamespique) November 22, 2019

A Google research scientist tweeted the angular car was reminiscent of the Tomb Sweeping Festival, a festival celebrated in some east Asian countries where people buy paper models of material goods and home comforts to burn and send to their ancestors.

Elon Musk’s Cybertruck reminds me of paper cars burned and offered to deceased relatives during Tomb Sweeping Festival (清明節) to ensure that ancestors are not short of material comforts in the afterworld. — hardmaru (@hardmaru) November 22, 2019

The truck’s exterior wasn’t the only part that took a hammering.

“What happened to you??””Got in an accident in my new #Cybertruck. Smashed my face right on the marble fucking countertop…” — JT (@Jrtarl) November 22, 2019

Whether the Cybertruck’s design will be an impediment to its success remains to be seen.SEE ALSO: A Tesla Supercharger station caught fire at a Wawa in New Jersey
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