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Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole: Braids!

You can always count me in for 1) a Keanu Reeves movie and 2) an iced latte, but a fun bun? These days, they’re hit or miss for me. Sometimes, you can’t beat a quick and messy bun for convenience, but there are also days when haphazardly shoving my hair up just won’t do.
I’m the type of gal who absolutely NEEDS to get out of her pajamas first thing in the morning; otherwise, I feel absolutely useless, and lately it’s been the same way for my hair. I need to style my hair in order to feel productive, which is why I’ve been all about braids.
The half-up Dutch braid I’ve been wearing for a while doesn’t take too much time to do (less than 10 minutes), and I feel mostly functional when I’m wearing it.
I found a good how-to video for it on YouTube last week. It’s the first style in this roundup of 10 styles, and I modified it slightly by using small hair ties instead of bobby pins.

Dude, I’ve been watching SO MANY braiding videos on YouTube lately, and you don’t even wanna know how deep I stumbled down the rabbit hole last weekend!
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