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Creative ways to make air conditioner part of your interior decor

Keeping your home cool and comfortable during summer months can be really difficult if you don’t have a good air conditioner. We all forget about the importance of an air conditioner in a home environment until the summer heat makes the indoor air hard to breathe. Thus, the AC is one of the most important appliances you should install.
However, despite its importance and functionality in your home, the AC unit can be a real challenge in making it part of your interior decor. The large air conditioner unit sticking out of your wall can totally ruin your interior decor if you fail to integrate it with the furniture and other things around it. If your AC makes decorating a struggle, here are a few creative ways to cover the AC unit and make it part of your home decor:

Cover it with a curtain
One of the simplest and most creative ways to integrate your AC unit into your interior decor is to cover it with a curtain. You can use a thin fabric to create a curtain to cover your AC unit which also allows the cold air to circulate when the air conditioner is in use.
The fabric you use for the curtain needs to have the right color and texture to integrate beautifully into the overall interior decor of your home. If you have simplistic interior design in the room and there is no eye-catching piece of furniture or decoration on the wall around the AC unit, you can make the air conditioner the focal point of the room. The fabric of the curtain can contain a unique print that will make the air conditioner unit the most colorful and eye-catching object in the room. On the other hand, if your interior decor already contains too many accent elements, colors, prints, and styles, the fabric you use to cover the AC unit should be simple and not too obvious.
Place it inside an open bookcase
Another great way to cover and integrate the AC unit into the interior design of the room is to place it inside an open bookcase. The bookcase is a piece of furniture which you have already used to decorate your room. Thus, it is extremely easy to integrate it by placing it inside something that is already part of the room decor. In order to make sure that the air conditioner won’t be visible when it is not in use, you can install a door in front of it which you can only open when you want to turn the AC on.
Paint your air conditioner
If you are a creative person and have great painting skills, you can use your talent to make the AC unit part of the overall interior design of your house. You can use acrylic painting and decor the AC unit in a manner that will be suitable with the rest of the design of the room. Not only that it will bring a stylish charm to the room, but it will also look like a piece of art that will complement your interior design wonderfully.
When painting your AC unit, make sure you unplug it and take it down from the wall to avoid putting yourself at any risk of falling or electric shock. Leave it for a few hours for the paint to dry properly. Afterwards, you can place it back on the wall and use it as usual. However, before you spend a lot of time painting it, make sure that it is working perfectly and that you don’t have to replace it. If your room AC doesn’t cool or turn on, call air conditioner repair experts to help you keep your home cool and comfortable during summer.
Surround it with wall decorations
The best way to draw the attention of your guests from the AC unit is to place other wall decorations that are eye-catching on the wall around it. All you have to do is to make sure that the decorations, painting, or pieces of artwork you place will be the focal point of the room wall.

Use it as a shelf
A little additional storage place is always welcomed in any home. If your AC unit is placed at a reachable height on the wall, you can easily use it as a shelf and place your things and decorations on it. There are a multitude of things you can place on the AC unit if you decide to use it as a shelf including photo frames, plants, decorations, and works of art.
Colorful flowers or family photo frames will not only make the room look righter and more stylish, but they will also draw the attention of your guests from the AC unit to the things placed on it.
Choose the right color for the AC unit
If you want to fully integrate your AC unit in the interior decor of the room, you need to go for the right color for it. For example, if your room walls are painted black, a white air conditioner unit will be extremely obvious and unaesthetic on the wall. However, if you choose a black an AC unit, it is more likely for it to easily integrate into your interior decor. Most air conditioner units come in white color. However, you can customize yours when purchasing a new AC to have the color of your room walls.
The air conditioner is an essential home feature that you simply can’t do without. However, it doesn’t mean that you should allow it to ruin your interior decor. There are plenty of ways to cover it or to integrate it into the overall interior design of your home including the ones mentioned above.
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