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Can there be Hormonal Acne on our Forehead?

Today, we are here to address a common concern of a lot of our readers and people around the world think and talk about. We shall discuss whether it is possible to have hormonal acne on one’s forehead – and if so, is it normal? But before we move on to discuss at length whether or not it is possible to have hormonal acne on one’s forehead, we must first understand what it means to get hormonal acne in the first place; what are hormonal acne in reality. Hormonal acne are caused by, you guessed it right – hormones!!! So, the question is, whether hormones are responsible for acne. The answer is obviously a big “yes!”

However, it would be prudent to take note of what type of acne are caused by hormones and where are they generally distributed. Hormones are responsible for acne all over your face, however, it is worth noting that hormones usually do not cause acne on the forehead, especially if you are above 25 years old. Hormones are responsible for acne that are distributed around the jawline and chin.
What are the causes for the manifestations of hormonal causes besides unhealthy skin conditions?

Stress: One of the pioneering reasons for hormonal outbreaks is stress and so we need to ensure that we take measures to reduce stress and tensions from our lives through indulging in things that interest us, a good exercise routine, and activities such as meditation.
Unhealthy diet: Another leading cause of causing hormonal imbalance is an unhealthy diet. So we must strive to eat healthy to prevent the ill effects of the same.
PCOS: Polycystic ovarian syndrome can also be a reason for hormonal imbalance.
Menopause: It has been proven in a lot of recent studies that menopause is responsible for hormonal imbalance in the body and is a contributing factor to acne outbreaks on the face.
Consumption of dairy products: It has been revealed in recent studies that the consumption of dairy products can result in hormonal imbalances and thereby cause outbreaks of acne on certain skin types.

Can there be Hormonal Acne on Forehead?
Having considered all of the aforementioned factors behind hormonal imbalance, it is to be also borne in mind that the hormones act at sites both near and distant from their gland of origin; however, since the human forehead is not an active site of hormonal activity, just as we do not have hair growing out of our foreheads (sans exceptional cases), it is also free from breakouts caused by hormonal imbalance.
So it would be an exceptional occurrence and even if you are suffering from a rather persistent outbreak of acne on your forehead, chances are that it is actually not acne at all, it is a simple case of pimples and hormones have no role in their outbreak or persistence. If you are suffering from acne on your forehead, please recognize them as pimples and consult a good dermatologist/doctor.
And as pimples are quite easy to manage under normal circumstances, chances are that you are suffering unnecessarily due to a bad diet or not taking care enough of your skin, like not thoroughly taking down makeup from face before going to bed.
So, in conclusion, we can assert with a certain degree of certainty that hormonal causes behind acne on your forehead is a rare phenomenon indeed, especially if you are past 25 years of age. They are just simple cases of pimple outbreaks and are quite easily preventable, manageable and treatable.
So dear readers, tell us what you think of today’s article in the comments section below. And as always, Stay Pretty and Beautiful!!!
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