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Blame It on My Juice

Everyone tells me I look like Ali Wong, but I never understood it until this morning.
I was chillin’ on my phone, scrolling through my Insta feed, when I saw that picture above with the girl in the orange dress (full disclosure: I didn’t have my glasses on) and was like, “I don’t remember taking this pic…and where’d I get this orange dress? And why is my boob almost falling out?? And who is this lady in the pink??”
I clicked on the pic and realized that (holy sh*t) it totally isn’t me! It’s Ali Wong… HA HA HA! Cracked me up.
This morning I also realized that I’m no longer meant for flat makeup bags with a simple zipper at the top. They just don’t work for me anymore. I don’t like having to dig around in them and taking FOR-EV-ER to find anything. I much prefer a specific type of makeup bag now, ones that are shaped like cubes or squares and have a zipper at the top that goes around.

I have two such bags in my life right now, and they see the most use. The first is a clear one from Wander Beauty (I don’t think it’s sold on the website anymore, unfortunately), and the other one is an LE MAC bag I got a while ago.
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