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Black hole

This is the smallest space in our French house.
I took a couple of photos, and, windowless, it really is dark in there; the further photos are flash – assisted. But you get the picture? The external shot shows the new plasterboard box on two walls, just to get some idea of the layout in context. The other two walls are, probably, 14th century stone and a bit of old plasterwork. Justin is working on getting these flat. You can’t tile lumps and bumps. This means building up thin layers of “screed” , because thick stuff will just fall out
1.59 x 1.36 metres in size (yes, you read that right) we have arrived by dint of much discussion (most of it internal dialogue on my part) to the only sensible solution for getting a toilet, wash basin and shower in the cave. So, it will be a wet room with toilet and basin, basically.
My family arrive in eight days…..two of them are using this “guest room”….. one of them actually needs this separate space due to medical issues!!!
The bath will sit in the cave itself. You really need the back story to this. Enter “cave” in the search box right there on the right of this page and gasp….

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