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Best Shower Tile Grout Review

After learning how to grout tile, your next task is to search for the best shower tile grout out there. You also might be interested to know what is the best grout cleaner you can buy. Would you go for Mapei grout or epoxy grout? How about the best grout to use for porcelain tile? We know it can get overwhelming with a lot of options available. But don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Mini Parts A&B, 2lb (0.9 kg)

Laticrete Globally Proven Construction Solutions

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Perma Tile Grout Waterproof Tile Grout Non Shrinking Preferred By Professionals

5 Pound Tile Grout. (Available In Clear Plastic Bags Only)Color: White Grade: Very FineWater Proof and Water Sealing

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Custom PMG381QT 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout, Bright White

Premixed ready to applyStain resistantCrack and shrink resistantFor grout joints from 1/16-Inch to 1/2-Inch widthExcellent for grout restoration

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Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout Repair Squeeze Tube, 5.5 oz, White

Red Devil Pre-Mixed Tile Grout is an acrylic based
white grout formulated for use on ceramic and mosaic
tileIt is a unique grouting composition that provides
professional quality with do-it-yourself easeFormulated to a user-friendly consistency for
improved durabilityWater Clean up, Mildew and Water Resistant, VOC CompliantAdheres to Tile, Masonry, Wood, Wallboard

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Elmer’s E873 Tile Grout 6-Ounce

Resists shrinking and cracking.Water & mildew resistant.Non-flammable & non-toxic.Acrylic latex.Color: white, Physical State: liquid, Odor: mild odor

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Why Grout Is Important
When remodeling, there seems like a thousand decisions that you need to make. One of them is the usually “unloved” and “untouched” tile grout. But did you know that grout is as important as the tile when it comes to tile installations? It seals out dirt and water, makes up for tiny size differences between individual tiles, and firms up the structural judgment of an installation.
Grout is a crucial decision. It’s a significant part of the design, and although it’s still frequently treated as the afterthought of the installation, in case you do it wrong, it’s difficult to fix.
How To Choose The Best Shower Tile Grout
Choosing the best shower tile grout shouldn’t give you headaches. Aside from recognizing between a couple of essential things like color, sanded vs. unsanded grout, and epoxy vs. cement-based, don’t let the selection process be an overly-complicated task.

In case you go online and hunt for ”best grout for your shower,” the cluster of items that pop up will probably be overwhelming.
Primarily, the one thing you would like to be sure is that your shower grout is completely sealed and waterproof. With all this in mind, you have three choices to go about this:
1. you’ll utilize a standard cement-based grout and include a sealing agent
2. you’ll utilize a waterproof epoxy grout (extraordinary quality but costly and a lot of work)
3.  you’ll utilize a pre-sealed waterproof grout.
Selecting between one of the three will largely depend on your budget, your expertise level/how much work you will to put in the project, and what size/style tiles you’ll be using.
Epoxy Versus Cement Grout
Unlike cement grout, which is a cementitious powder blend, epoxy grout is a mix of epoxy resins and a filler powder. Epoxy grout is exceedingly durable and almost totally stain-proof.
Regular cement grout isn’t waterproof, so unlike epoxy grout, it can retain water when damp and stain easily.

Epoxy grout comes from two distinctive resins blended with a filler, making it waterproof and well suited to harsher cleaning products. Epoxy thin sets provide more exceptional bond quality and chemical resistance than cementitious grouts.
The Benefits of Using Best Shower Tile Grout
Although it has lots of benefits, make sure to note that epoxy grout is more troublesome to work with than customary grout. Also, it tends to look like plastic which a few homeowners don’t like. It is more costly to buy, and most tilers charge additional for utilizing the epoxy grout as opposed to standard grout.
Regular grout is exceptionally simple to shape in outside corners where the tile wraps around a wall, kerb, or shower niche. It is harder to attain the same effect with epoxy grout because it takes longer to set up within the grout joint. Epoxy grout sets faster than regular grout so lesser mix is needed. There is also less time to work with that mix as opposed to regular grout.
With epoxy grout, an acid wash is additionally needed to help expel any extra resin buildup from your tile surfaces. A few epoxy grouts are planned fair for glass. Numerous brands have a standard epoxy and a special glass epoxy. The distinction between the two is within the filler portion of the grout. The filler for glass tiles is better, so it’ll not scratch fragile tiles.
Additional Differences
One other huge difference between epoxy grout and standard grout is the time involved introducing and cleaning the grout as opposed to standard grout. The cost can be three to five times more costly to buy than regular grout. This will make a few installers reluctant to work with the epoxy grout. Also, getting pricing from tilers to attempt this work isn’t by the square meter of grout required, but by the estimate of the area required and the size of the tile used.
The smaller the tile, the more amount of grout needed. The bigger the tile, the less grout needed. So, for the most part, a tiler will give a cost once he has seen the work and knows the size of tile.
When To Use Cement or Epoxy Grout
The two primary areas where epoxy grout is fitting to use is in tiled showers and floors as the epoxy grout puts another layer of protection for moisture getting under the tile. Splash back tiling over vanities is one other area where epoxy grout would be beneficial.
Many individuals prefer epoxy grout for its even color. The color of epoxy grout comes from the filler and is consistent. Standard grout can have its color expelled amid the cleaning process.

Using epoxy grout is different than utilizing standard cement grout as no step of the method is the same. From the mixing to the application to cleaning, epoxy grouting has its own process and rules.
Ensure that your Bathroom Professional has expertise with the product and its applications. Be mindful the price between utilizing epoxy grout to a cement grout will be a significant difference, but its waterproofing, staining, and durability benefits are also important.
Best Shower Tile Grout For Your Project
In this article, we’ll go over our top five picks for the best shower tile grout based on different circumstances, with the ultimate objective of helping you select the best product for your next DIY project.

1. Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Mini Parts A&B

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High-performance epoxy grout that provides color uniformity, durability, and stain resistance
Applicable for ceramic tile, glass tile, and stone applications
Ideal for re-grouting
Microban antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of stain-causing mold and mildew
Relatively easy to install


May require Part C to work efficiently
It sets fast (you need to work faster)
May take a lot of product to cover an area

Sebring Tip:
Once you mix Part A and Part B, it’s time to work fast. You should never mix more than what you can install in 30 minutes because the product sets fast. After 40 minutes, the product will not be fluid enough to work with. In less than four hours, the grout is rock hard and cures within 24 hours.
This grout is easy to install. For best results, follow the instructions carefully. Some had a bad experience with this product because they treated it as a regular cement-based grout. Unlike cement grout, you don’t have to worry about color matching because the color stays consistent even in multiple batches.
Cleaning the grout residue is simple too. You can use white vinegar or the cleaning agents included in the kit. If you have left-over grout, you can put it in a zip lock bag and put in the freezer to slow the curing time. It can stay there for about a week. Just make sure that you have flattened and squeezed out all the air in the zip lock bag.

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2. Perma Tile Grout Waterproof Tile Grout

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This tile grout has professional quality and waterproof
It is durable and long-lasting
It is easy to mix, perfect for beginners
It gives fine consistency
It dries up relatively fast
It is easy to clean and wipe off


The packaging doesn’t come with full instructions
It comes with a higher price compared with other grout

Sebring Tip:
This product is a standard cement-based grout that you can easily add color. It is simple and easy to mix and doesn’t need a sealant after you finished the tile work. The 5 lb. package can grout an area of around 40 square feet. The clean up is easy too, and you will only require a damp cloth.
Although this tile grout is quite impressive and easy to mix and apply, we think it is a little expensive compared to other similar grout. But if you will put into consideration that you don’t need to buy a sealant to make it work, you can get savings when using this tile grout.
The Perma Tile Grout Waterproof Tile Grout only needs to be mixed with water. When it dries, it stays resistant to moisture, chips, and stains. It’s waterproof and non-shrinking, and you can add color to match your wall or tile.

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3. Custom PMG381QT 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout

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This tile grout is a ready to use mix. There’s no need to add water.
Since this is a pre-mixed grout, it has a nice consistency and the risk for mistakes when mixing is lessened.
The product is great for touch-ups. You can use a portion and keep the rest for future use.
It comes in different colors.


The packaging is not secured enough. It has risks of spilling and may come unsealed, which may affect the grout’s performance.

Sebring Tip:
This tile grout is premixed, ready-to-apply tile grout that can be utilized the minute you buy it. It provides lots of advantages such as stain resistance and resistance to shrinking and cracking.
This grout is best for re-grouting and can be utilized with joint sizes that run from 1/16 to ½ inch. There’s no need to mix this grout, and it may be a mess-free item that’s simple to use. It can be utilized to lay mosaic, porcelain, quarry, stone, marble, and granite tiles on shower walls and floors.
You’ll discover this tile grout is water resistant and can effectively be applied over existing grout for a finished look. The package can cover up to 34 square feet area.
We did discover, however, that this grout can stain porous stone. This may destroy the look of your tile in case it is porous. It may not be the finest tile grout for this sort of application. Scratching can also happen on delicate surfaces. But, we did discover that this grout is simple to utilize in case you’ve got the proper tile material for its application.

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4. Red Devil 0425 Pre-Mixed Tile Grout Repair Squeeze Tube

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This ready to use tile grout comes handy for repairing small portions of the grout.
It applies and spreads quickly.
The cleanup is easy with soap and water.


This pre-mixed grout dries out very quickly, so you have to use it fast.

Sebring Tip:
Red Devil often gets considered as the leading grout brand around the world. It stands out ever since it came to existence as far back as 1872. The brand became famous for creating a distinctive type of grout and chemical.
This variant, which is pre-mixed and un-sanded grout, comes with a tube design. The tube outline assists the user to apply it in required quantity without any wastage. Moreover, it has a user-friendly consistency that has mold and water resistance property.
The Red Devil pre-mixed tile grout is best suited with ceramic and mosaic tiles but can also work with masonry, wood, and wallboard. Also, it allows you to have an easy cleanup with just water.

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5. Elmer’s E873 Tile Grout

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It is water and mildew resistant.
The product has non-flammable and non-toxic materials.
Durable, resists shrinking and cracking.


The grout can be difficult to squeeze out and get out of the tube.
It only comes in one color – white.

Sebring Tip:
The Elmer’s E873 tile grout comes in 6 oz tube. You can use this grout for shower repairs as you merely need to remove a portion of the current grout for it to adhere. You can use the tub applicator or use your finger as needed to apply. Clean up is easy with only a damp cloth required. The product dries in 12 hours.
The Elmer’s E873 tile grout offers a non-sanded finish and can improve the look of your ​bathroom without the need to mix the grout to apply it.
The primary downside of this grout is it only comes in one color – white. This limits your options and would require you to ​do the whole shower surface in a single color in order to avoid mismatching.

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ConclusionFor the best shower tile grout, we highly recommend Perma Waterproof Tile Grout as it has all that you need to get started quickly. We love the idea of not having a separate product (in this case, a sealant) to make it work. Aside from locking the shower tiles effectively, it also keeps the water out of the surface because of its waterproof properties. Professionals highly prefer this tile grout as the product gives uniform color distribution and super output quality. We have mentioned that the product is a little bit expensive compared to other standard tile grout, but it can also be cost-efficient since you don’t need to buy a sealant when you use this. All in all, we are satisfied with its professional quality features, and we know you won’t be disappointed.

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