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AURIC Mood Smoke Mirror Eye Shadow Duo Overview & Swatches


Auric Temper Smoke Reflect Eye Shadow Duo ($ 39.00 for 0.23 ounces) contains a sparkling powder eye shadow and an off-white eye shadow. The off-white eyeshadow performed the better between the two as the texture of the sparkling eyeshadow was drier and felt a bit too dense in the pan that it wasn’t that easy to work with.


P.Permanent. $ 39.00.

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Temperament (powder)

Temperament (powder) is a light, rosy copper with moderate, warm undertones and glittering and sparkling spots throughout. This shade contained plastic (PET) glitter along with gloss (the other shades in this formula did not contain plastic glitter). It had semi-transparent, buildable pigmentation, but because of the drier, firmer texture, it was best applied with a damp brush. The texture seemed to condense over time rather than loosening or unfortunately forgiving more.

It felt too tightly squeezed into the pan, resulting in a product that was harder to pick up with a dry brush and seemed more reactive to natural oils on the fingertips, which is why a dampened brush seemed like the best course of action. The surface hardened a little after a few uses, especially with the fingertips. It was applied fairly evenly to bare skin, but it was more prone to dropout than other shades in the line, especially when I was diffusing / fading out the edges. It lasted eight hours but had slight breakdowns over time.

MORE READING: Formula overview for details on general performance and properties (such as fragrance).

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  • ColourPop Designer Duds (PiP, $ 4.50) is darker and warmer (90% similar).

Formula overview

/0.058 oz. – – $ 0.00 per ounce

It is said to be a “light-reflecting” eye shadow with “high-gloss pearls” that can be used alone or as a top coat. The brand describes them as “micro glitter” even though only one of the colors tested contains plastic (PET) glitter.

They had more translucent bases, which was as advertised, but there was a lot of sparkle / shimmer so the result was medium to opaque depending on the shade. The consistency was a bit drier, overall tighter packed into the pan, and glided more than a denser, thicker silicone-like feel (like some more intense metallic formulas these days). One shade was noticeably drier / tighter pressed until it appeared to affect application / coverage compared to the other two shades.

They were applied with minimal precipitation and adhered well to bare skin. However, they are best applied with a fingertip or a damp brush with a push / tap motion for the least amount of precipitation and the most even product placement. I found that I had to be careful to fade out the edges with a fluffier, drier brush as it was more likely to cause fallout. They lasted about eight hours and had slight breakdowns over time.

Based on the lineup at the review, they should work on their own, rather than being packaged as a standalone powder eyeshadow or tapped over the coordinating cream-colored eyeshadows they sit on.

Browse all of our Auric Smoke Reflect Glitter Shadow swatches.

NOTE: All products categorized under “glitter” contain polyethylene terephthalate, also known as plastic or PET glitter, and are typically cosmetic grade glitter. Inclusion of this ingredient sometimes leads to a warning (in the US) that the product “is not intended for use on the immediate eye area”. This ingredient has not been approved by the FDA for use on the eye. In the past few years, some brands have included this product in their eyeshadows without warning or notice, and are effectively marketing it as an eyeshadow or with an icon for an “eye” indicating use of the eyes. With CosIng for EU, PET glitter is permitted without restrictions or restrictions. This post will tell you if cosmetic grade glitter is safe. We hope you can support Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Many Thanks!

Auric Temper (Creme) Smoke Reflect Cream eyeshadow
Auric Temper (Creme) Smoke Reflect Cream eyeshadow
Auric Temper (Creme) Smoke Reflect Cream eyeshadow
Auric Temper (Creme) Smoke Reflect Cream eyeshadow
Auric Temper (Creme) Smoke Reflect Cream eyeshadow

Temperament (cream)

Temperament (cream) is a light-medium-sized, rosy bronze with warmer undertones and a smooth, pearly sheen. It had an opaque paint cover that could be faded out (or used with less product) evenly. The consistency was light, frothy in the pot, but had good glide and adhesion without losing intensity.

It had more playtime than some cream eyeshadow, so it seemed to pull into my lines along the inner lid area (though not so much my crease) as it dried out and I had to straighten it again as it dried out. However, after doing that, it wasn’t until eight and a half hours of wearing it that I began to develop additional wrinkles.

MORE READING: Formula overview for details on general performance and properties (such as fragrance).

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  • Tom Ford Beauty Rose Cashmere No. 3 (LE) is less shimmery, lighter and warmer (90% similar).
  • Stila Grace (LE, $ 24.00) is darker (90% similar).
  • ColourPop DTR (PiP, $ 4.50) is less shimmery and darker (90% similar).
  • Tom Ford Beauty Sun and Moon # 2 (LE,) is warmer (90% similar).

Formula overview

/ 0.17 oz. – – $ 0.00 per ounce

It should be “smooth, durable”[ing], [and] creaseless “cream eyeshadow. The texture was a cross between a traditional cream eyeshadow (which can feel wetter and thinner) and a more airy, heavier whipped mousse. It was an intensely pigmented formula that didn’t take a lot of product to get even Achieve effect product layer on the eye.

They had a moderate dry season; They dried off to a powdery finish that wasn’t stir-proof – I could still soften the edges a bit – but tended to get stuck in my fine lines in the inner lid area as they dried so I had to polish the product again to level it out . Once I did that it stopped wrinkling after it dried out. If I applied and polished the product as a sheer product layer, it was not a problem as fewer products were more likely to dry out quickly compared to a more opaque product layer.

The consistency dried out but wasn’t thick, heavy, or inflexible, so it went well with other powder eyeshadows (not just the ones included) and could also be used as an eyeshadow base or eyeliner. Aside from the initial wrinkles (which I was able to mix / polish) during drying, I didn’t get wrinkles for eight to nine hours after drying.

Browse all of our Auric Smoke Reflect Cream eyeshadow swatches.

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