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Adding Cedar Flakeboard Panels to Our Outdoor Shed

We wanted to cut down on the bugs and pests finding their way into our outdoor shed, so we added some cedar flakeboard panels to help repel them! Here’s the tutorial for how we made it happen.

Do you have a Monica closet?

You know, like in that episode of Friends when Chandler discovers that neat-freak Monica has a secret closet stuffed to the brim with junk?

Well, up until last weekend my Monica closet was our backyard shed. It was a huge selling point for us when we moved into this house (we love extra storage!), and we were so excited that we didn’t have to store things up in our attic. But, over the last two years it has slowly stopping being a functional and easy place to store things and it had become, well, a giant mess.

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It finally got so bad that we really couldn’t even get anything out of it without fearing for our lives, and we knew something had to give. On top of the mess, I was always really nervous about finding bugs lurking in the dark corners or (even worse) having our things ruined by moths or other pests who found their way in there.

So, we decided to pull everything (EVERYTHING!) out of the shed and start from scratch. There were a lot of things in there that we didn’t need anymore, and a lot of space that was being wasted thanks to a complete lack of organizational effort.

While we had everything out in the yard, we took a moment to line the shed with cedar flakeboard panels from CedarSafe to help prevent any bugs from finding their way into the shed. You’ve seen us work with CedarSafe’s tongue & groove planks before (we’ve used them on our bathroom ceiling, in Grant’s closet, and on this cute Christmas decor, among other things), but we hadn’t ever tried out these panels. They’re specifically meant to be a natural alternative to mothballs or other bug-repellant chemicals, and the panels are a lot more affordable (and faster to install) than the planks.

They come in both 4’X8′ panels and smaller 16″X48″ panels – we chose to go with the larger ones to create less seams. We used 7 panels, making the total cost to line the entire inside of our shed with cedar around $200 – well worth it to make sure everything in there stays protected!

Installing the cedar flakeboard panels was incredibly easy – we just cut them down to the appropriate size using our circular saw (we were only able to fit one full-size panel in the shed), then installed them with our drill and some exterior screws. It only took us one day of working during Grant’s naps to knock the entire project out, and we had everything put back in the shed and organized before the sun even set!

I also love that having the cedar panels in the shed make things feel a little more polished in there. I debated painting the floors while we were at it, but since we’re planning on moving in the next few months and it’s just used for storage, it felt a little like overkill. So, please join me in ignoring the stained flooring and just admiring the nice, finished-looking walls.

We took a moment to consolidate and purge a few things before we brought everything back into the shed, and we were both pretty shocked at how organized we were able to leave things!

We installed two of these track systems for hanging our outdoor tools, but beyond that we didn’t add any organization or extra systems to the shed – we just put things back in a neat and logical manner.

Who knew it could make such a difference?!

I’m kidding, of course. I knew this. I just occasionally get lazy when putting things away. Don’t we all?

Now that the shed is organized, it’s no longer a chore to grab things from it, and we have plenty of room to toss (or, you know, carefully place) a few more boxes out here if we need to declutter before we move.

This is honestly one of those little projects that you don’t realize will have such a big effect on your mental health. I had no idea that I had an undercurrent of stress about the possibly moths or other bugs that may have made their way into our beloved Christmas decorations, or how stressed I was about the state of disorganization in the shed until it suddenly wasn’t an issue anymore. It’s a good feeling to lift a mental burden that you didn’t even realize you had.

If you have any sort of storage shed or closet that houses items that are meaningful to you (or that’s just exposed to the potential of becoming a gathering place for pests!), I highly recommend you check out these CedarSafe flakeboard panels as a method to help give you some peace of mind.

And, if you aren’t sure if there’s a store near you that sells them, be sure to check the “find a store near you” feature on their website, because some stores may have different names – I was surprised by how many stores near us carried the products!
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