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The VIP EV sales experience

One thing Lucid Motors knows is the customer. They know that this person has resources, is used to the beautiful things and does not oppose being recognized for their achievements. In other words, treated like a VIP. Lucid is taking this to ninth grade with the purchase process for one of its luxury electric cars. Welcome to the Lucid Studio.

The Lucid Studio Experience

If you’re interested in buying the Lucid Air, there’s no need to casually walk to one or more on a dealership lot or in a showroom. First, make an appointment in one of the four California Lucid Studios Currently open in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Jose, and Newark, either by phone at 1-844-367-7787 or by email [email protected] There may even be a credit check then an appointment is set. You buy directly from the manufacturer.

Beverly Hills exclusive

Clean the fleet report visited the Beverly Hills location that is unlike any previous car purchase. At the beginning, the building’s signs are as good as non-existent. Just look for the address. Once the doors are unlocked, you will be greeted by a factory representative and the sleek interior envelops your senses with wood, glass, dark tile, and an industrial rafter design with an open ceiling. The feeling of wealth sets the tone for learning more about the high-tech Lucid Air. It will eventually be a sales and service location.

Lucid Motors is initially taking orders for four models, which will be handcrafted at the company’s new production site in Arizona according to each customer’s specifications (more on that later). All prices apply before tax credits or government discounts.

Lucid Air Dream Edition

  • 1,080 hp
  • 465 mile driving range
  • $ 169,000
  • $ 7,500 refundable deposit
  • Delivery in spring 2021

Lucid Air Grand Touring

  • 800 hp
  • 517 mile driving range
  • $ 139,000
  • $ 1,000 refundable deposit
  • Delivery spring / summer 2021

Lucid Air Touring

  • 620 hp
  • 406 mile driving range
  • $ 95,000
  • $ 1,000 refundable deposit
  • Fall 2021 delivery

Clear air in

  • 480 hp
  • 406 mile driving range
  • $ 77,400
  • $ 300 refundable deposit
  • 2022 delivery

Lucid Motors Studio with virtual realityA reality; some VR

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see Lucid Air in the studio after an appointment is made, even though it looks like the company intends to show models. The experience consists mainly of using Virtual Reality (VR), which allows you to see and configure the interior options of fabric, wood and metal, as well as choose an exterior color. You then have the choice between a Lucid Air with single or double motors, different power ratings and ranges, as described in the four models listed above.

The VR element is to decorate a VR headset while sitting in a Lucid Air indoor model. The VR experience takes you through the car, its features and even a virtual ride. Lucid also plans to offer a “home version” for those who want to configure their car at home. In this version, a Lucid vendor guides the viewer through the optional features of the car.

What is clear air?

Lucid Motors claims the Air is faster and more efficient than a Tesla Model S – the fastest production sedan available. (Of course, Tesla responded by introducing a plaid version of the S that would fill that void.) On the outside, it’s a four-door sedan with a clean, modern design. The interior is equipped with the latest technology, and executives can be quietly taken to their next important meeting in the spacious back seat.

The Lucid Air is certainly a very modern and contemporary car, and the company hopes that will be enough as sedans increasingly fall out of favor with American consumers. Lucid intends to address the market shift with its next model, the luxury SUV Gravity, which was teased when the Air was launched last year.

Next up for Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors Casa Grande assembly plantLucid’s newly built assembly plant

The biggest news for Lucid is that there is now a place to build your cars. The first phase of the assembly plant on the green field is being built Casa Grande – Arizona, should go online in early 2021. In the current configuration, 30,000 units can be built. In subsequent phases, production will be ramped up to 400,000 units. Lucid built up its entire beta test fleet in the factory and is now converting to production models. The manufacturing system at the factory, dubbed AMP-1 (for Advanced Manufacturing Plant), uses advanced processes like an airplane-inspired riveted and glued monocoque body that replaces spot welds.

To handle all of this production capacity, Lucid plans to open 20 additional studios in these markets.

  • Arizona – Scottsdale
  • California – Torrance, Millbrae, San Diego, San Rafael, Orange
  • Colorado – Denver
  • Florida – West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, Miami
  • Illinois – Oak Brook
  • Massachusetts – Boston
  • Michigan – Cold water
  • New York – Long Island, Manhattan
  • Texas – Houston, Dallas
  • Virginia – Tysons
  • Washington – Seattle

The final result

Clear air inThe final stop on the Lucid Air will be the $ 77K Pure

Lucid Motors is set in a high and unknown territory. Introducing a brand new vehicle from a brand new auto company and building a brand new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility before sales show some serious moxie (and deep pockets).

The company knows that more and more electric vehicles will be introduced to the automotive market over the next 5 to 10 years. So, being at the forefront with the fastest sedan with great range is a great way to be a leader. But with the initial public offering at a staggering $ 169,000 price tag, the potential owner base is very small. If any of them make an appointment to visit a Lucid studio, they should place an order.

Lucid Motors is a luxury electric car company that doesn’t have time for lookie loos or just wants to step on the tires. The Air is a serious vehicle for a discriminatory buyer. A buyer that Lucid believes will be impressed with the craftsmanship, performance and range.

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Published on December 24, 2020 – 01:00 UTC

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