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5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately

I like to call these tops “adult onesies” because they really do look like oversized baby clothes to me (hahaha!). They’re supposed to help petite ladies look taller and slimmer because they let you to tuck in your shirt (a tried-and-true trick to look taller). I haven’t worn one since 1995, but now I really, really want one.

I’m waiting on this bodysuit by Reformation to go on sale!
Fruit salad
Why is precut fruit so satisfying? I have no idea. I’ve been doing this lately: peeling and cutting fruit, then tossing it into a big Tupperware so the fambam can just grab a cup or a bowl whenever.
It’s been a next-level life upgrade, LOL! I like to do a different fruit mix each time I make one, and sometimes I’ll even throw in some canned fruit, like canned mandarin oranges or peaches, to keep things interesting. One VITAL item of note: the fruit absolutely must be cut into uniform, similarly-sized pieces, because I short-circuit when some pieces are big and some are small! (Am I the only person who’s particular about this?)
This 30 minute low-impact workout by Caroline Girvan
OH, girlfriend, this low-impact workout has absolutely no jumping, but when I’m done I’m dripping in sweat totally spent.
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