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5-Minute Makeup: Bright Berry Lips and Glowing Taupe Lids

So…you know those mornings when everything goes smoothly, and you even have extra time to do a load of laundry or stop by the drive-through coffee shop to get a latte before you start your day? On top of that, you also get to work 15-minutes early (so you don’t have to drive around the block two times to find good parking)?
Yeah…this was not one of those mornings. LOL!
I don’t know what happened, but Connor and I made it out the door by the skin of our teeth. We made it, though!
And I still managed to 1) get out of my pajama bottoms (although I seriously considered wearing them to the bakery, HA HA HA!), and 2) put on 5-minute makeup.
I grabbed what was within reach and moved with a quickness. Funny thing is, I even got compliments on my makeup today!
You know, sometimes the quickie looks are the best ones…
I think the bright berry lipstick really helped. Berry is great when you’re rushing because it’s just so colorful, and it instantly brightens up your face, but it’s usually also less labor-intensive than red or bright pink.
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