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45 Beauty Experts share the Holy Grail beauty products that they can’t live without

“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack” ~ Coco ChanelHere at Nylon Pink we are obsessed with all things beauty.A cleanser that gets rid of your ​acne-riddled skin can be life changing. A fresh coat of lipstick can give you the confidence to take on the world.  With the plethora of beauty products on the market, how can you sort through them all and find the best, tried and tested ones? We’ve reached out to 45 of the top beauty experts and influencers to share their knowledge of the top beauty products on the market. I asked them the following question: What is your HOLY GRAIL beauty product and why?​Bookmark this page ​because some of these tips are golden!The accomplishments of our experts below are vast, from the editor of Vogue Magazine to ​having celebrity clientele, and tv appearances. I would recommend that you check out and get to know each and every one of our experts below!Introducing our beauty experts!(Click on the links below to skip directly to specific experts)​Heidi Nazarudin |​ Rachel Marlowe |​ Arika Sato |​ Jennifer Chan |​Emily the Mermaid |​Danielle Guercio |​Emily Loftiss |​Alexis Wolfer |​Monique Reidy |​Ali Levin |​Dendy Engelman |​Caroline Vazzana |​ Tracy O’Connor |​ Alva Velasco |​ Elizabeth Rage |​Jane Sin |​ Kirsten Kaye |Lyz Brickley |​Essy Park |​ ​ Fan Serviced B |​Charlotte Cho |​Snow White and the Asian Pear |​Memorable Days |​Coco Park |​Christina Lee |​My Woman Stuff |​Cherie Corso |​Donna Daily |​Geeky Posh |​ Holy Snails |​Darien Chen |​Adoredee |​Bijou Heart |​Sarah Oh |​Berries in the Snow |​Musical Houses |​Vanity Rex

Heidi Nazarudin – The AmbitionistaWebsite | Instagram

SK-II – Facial Treatment Essence​It just make my skin smoother , more refined , less oily and makeup goes on smoother too. I can’t live without it!

@TheAmbitionista can’t live with SK II’s Facial Treatment Essence! Whats your #HolyGrail beauty product?

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Rachel Marlowe – Vogue MagazineWebsite | Instagram

Caudalie – Radiance SerumCaudalie Radiance Serum is my ‘holy grail’ of beauty products. Since moving to Los Angeles I’ve had to up my sun protection game and this oil free serum prevents dark spots and brightens the skin without using toxic chemicals or harsh acids which can increase sun sensitivity. I love all of Caudalie’s products.

Griselda Martinez Instagram

The Beauty BlenderMy “Holy Grail Product” is my Beauty Blender. My beauty blender allows me to evenly apply flawless foundations, primers, creams and more. This staple makeup tool is the perfect tool for all looks; from basic everyday to formal evening looks.**The Beauty Blender is recommended twice by two experts in this article! **

Arika Sato Website | Instagram

 Arika Lash by LillyLashes​MY LASHES!! If I don’t have lashes on I don’t feel like myself! That’s why I made my own collab lash that I designed!

Lilian TahmasianWebsite | Youtube

 Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Eye Cream”I recently discovered this eye cream and have been using it ever since! The Manuka Honey in the cream moisturizes under your eye area and helps repress any swelling and puffiness. It hydrates and freshens your eye tissues; this leaves you looking and feeling much more awake and fresh!It has Persian silk flower blends in it, as well as grape seeds and kiwi! These in which brighten your face and smooth out everything..who needs a filter these days anyway?! :)If i don’t wear this cream everyday, it becomes evident. I’m hooked!!”

Jennifer ChanSenior Editor to both Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney KardashianWebsite | Instagram

Battington Bardot LashesI can’t live without false lashes by Battington in their Bardot style. Not only are they cruelty-free and seriously gorgeous, but they are also made of 100% handmade silk and are the easiest pair of lashes you’ll ever apply! They are comfortable and lightweight and come perfectly curved so each pair fits your eyes effortlessly. I always feel instantly more glamorous the second I have them on. I never leave home without falsies on!

Caroline VazzanaInstyle Magazine, Teen Vogue writer/editorWebsite | Instagram

Onomie – Bright Concealing Elixer One of my favorite items is the Onomie dark circle correcting concealer. It’s seriously magic. It instantly makes my eyes appear wider and brighter on any given day!

Alva VelascoYoutube | Instagram

The Beauty BlenderThe beauty blender! You can use it for so many things. I can’t do my makeup without it without being less efficient and quick**The Beauty Blender is recommended twice by two experts in this article! **​

Kelly EdenYoutube | Instagram

Nuskin – Creamy Cleansing LotionMy holy grail beauty product is Nuskin cleansing lotion. I’ve had problematic skin my whole life and being a makeup fanatic didn’t help either. I’ve tried countless products, home remedies, and even had an aesthetician for a while. Nuskin is the only thing that keeps my skin clear. after I take my makeup off with a makeup wipe, I put the cleansing lotion on my face and let it sit for 5 minutes. It eats away at al the bacteria and dead skin. so when I wash my face my skin can “breathe” without feeling like I’ve scrubbed it raw.

Emily the MermaidInstagram

The Saem Cover – Perfection Ideal Concealer Duo​I have this dual concealer from The Saem~ One side is stick and the other side is liquid. I literally cannot live without it and use it almost every day.

Lyz BrickleyInstagram | Website

Vaseline – Cocoa ButterMy Holy Grail beauty item is Cocoa Butter Vaseline to keep my lips super moisturized! It’s simple but effective

Elizabeth RageInstagram

Daiso – False EyelashesMy holy grail beauty item is definitely Daiso’s false eyelashes! I feel like my makeup is incomplete without them! I definitely can’t Cosplay without them.

Carrie MinterInstagram | Website

Dr Hauschka – Day Cream, RoseMy top beauty product that I can’t live without would probably be moisturizer/cream/lotion! My favs for the face are La Prairie, Dr Hauschka rose day cream, and NIA24!For the body I love coconut oil (which is amazing and so popular right now). One of my favs is coconut body butter from The Body Shop, I also love baby lotion, and the lotion from my line, www. beautybycarrie.net is amazing. It’s all natural, filled with antioxidants, vitamin e and shea butter, and it has a fresh citrus scent with a hint of shimmer I’m obsessed with lotions and products so that would def be my top beauty item I can’t live without!

Danielle Guercio – Bustle MagazineWebsite | Instagram

Rose WaterRosewater !!! Plain rose water is pretty affordable, and if you spray it regularly when you’re stressed or want to wake up skin it genuinely improves your quality of life. If you have an expensive toner you want to stretch, add a dash of rosewater to the cotton pad beforehand. I also use as the liquid mixer in clay masks, in a pocket micro mister, and to create wet-to-dry eyeshadow looks. If you don’t like rose, now you can find a flower or plant hydrosol from dozens of other plants like jasmine and rosemary.

Emily LoftissWeClick to replace anchor textbsite | Instagram

Rose WaterFor me, hydration to the skin is THE most important factor. You can create luminous skin with makeup but the objective is wrinkle-free, no breakouts, flawless skin. I’m all about Rose Water. I keep it in my purse, my car, my gym bag, my nightstand to ensure I hydrate my skin continuously throughout the day. It’s $8 and it will change your complexion!

Alexis Wolfer – The Beauty BeanWebsite | Twitter

Goldfaden Doctor’s ScrubI’m obsessed with Goldfaden Doctor’s Scrub. It’s literally like microdermabrasion, in your bathroom, in 2 minutes! A use it religiously post flights to get the grime off or any other time my skin feels clogged, dull, and icky. Plus, it’s made with ruby crystals! And who doesn’t want gems on their face?!

Monique Reidy – So Cal Life MagazineWebsite | Instagram

Tarte – Undereye CorrectorTarte Undereye Corrector – because late nights can be brutal to the under-eye area the next day, and this concealer/corrector does a great job of hiding dark circles and imperfections.

Ali LevineWebsite | Instagram

YSL LipstickMy holy grail product would have to YSL lipstick. I absolutely love a pop of color on my lips and to add to any outfit on myself and on my clients when styling them, I always tell them a pop of color is key. I’m a huge fan and truly obsessed with YSL because of the way it feels, the shades they have and how classy I feel. Lisa Vanderpump introduced it to me truly, and I feel forever grateful to the make up gods, that this lipstick has come into my beauty world. Its worth the investment, it feels amazing on, it lasts and its seriously soft like velvet on your lips. Holy grail, can’t go wrong, always on me, must have.

Essy NoirWebsite | Instagram

Klurskin Tea Tree + Eucalyptis Organic Botanical Serum My holy grail beauty item is my Tea Tree + Eucalyptis Organic Botanical Serum by Klurskin. It clears my face overnight and leaves it healthy and glowing. It’s my go to skincare pick me up, and I really cannot live without it!

Kirsten KayeWebsite | Instagram

Make Up For Ever – Black Ink LinerI would have to say my holy grail item is my liquid eyeliner, Black Ink Liner by Makeup Forever, because it has the strongest staying power whether I’m laughing or crying, and has a pretty precise tip to create the best wings possible!

Dendy EngelmanSofia Vergara’s DermatologistWebsite | Twitter

Nerium International Age-Defying Night CreamDryness occurs when there are low humidity levels (as with winter) and abrasive factors (strong winds, harsh soaps, etc.) degrade the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which can lead to flaking, cracking, peeling and irritation. Also, at night while you’re sleepingis when your cells are rejuvenating (cellular turnover) and you’re also losing the most water. If you factor in both, it is possible that when you wake up,you will notice you have developed dry skin overnight. Skin regeneration is at its heightbetween 10PM and 2AM so this is the best time to help the skin repair. I love overnightcreams like Nerium International Age-Defying Night Cream ( $120). It gives your skin a boost of hydration usingaloe vera as the base, which is highly emollient and known hydrator. The addedpeptides, vitamin E and oils repair the skin from free radical damage, create abarrier for moisture loss and sooth skin. How this works is that skin can losewater while you sleep and this mask can create a permeable seal on top of yourskin so that whatever you have underneath it can penetrate. As a results, skinis even, soft and firm.

Jane SinInstagram | Facebook

Shisheido – Perfect White Clay’m all about using dual cleansing which is a popular technique in South Korea. You start out with the oil to get most of your makeup off and then move onto the clay cleanser. The reason why I like these in particular is because it will literally get all your makeup off, even crazy cosplay makeup. My skin always feels soft and super clean after I use it and it’s gentle.

Tracy – FANSERVICED-BWebsite | Instagram

Leejiham (LJH)’s Tea Tree 90 EssenceMy holy grail product is Leejiham (LJH)’s Tea Tree 90 Essence. I’ve been using it for more than 2 1/2 years now — which is a long time considering that I own hundreds of skincare products and routinely try to discover something better. For my oily-to-normal, acne-prone skin, this light essence is mildly hydrating, but it’s mostly useful for very gently calming inflammation. I apply it between toner and cream, and I find that it coaxes blemishes into not being their worst, nastiest selves. It can’t prevent acne for me, but it certainly makes my existing acne more manageable.

Charlotte Cho – Soko GlamWebsite | Instagram

Neogen – Bio Peel Gauze Peeling padsExfoliating is the key to bright, dewy skin! With your skin free from any excess dead skin cells, your skincare products will work better for you. Using the Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling pads soaked in green tea helps me to gently slough off dead skin cells, and I love that it provides anti-aging benefits!

Cat – Snow White and the Asian PearWebsite | Instagram

Low PH CleanserOf all the beauty products in my stash, the one that will always appear in my routine, day or night, is a low-pH cleanser. After diving into the research on pH and skin in 2014, I switched to low pH cleansers and haven’t looked back. I prefer foaming cleansers, but there are many non-foaming low pH cleanser options as well. Another beauty product I’ll never go without is a mild daily chemical exfoliant; as someone with clog-prone skin, I use a BHA acid exfoliant to keep my pores clear and my skin smooth. In terms of simple skin pick-me-ups, you can’t beat a sheet mask for instant smoothed and plumped skin.

Elisa – Memorable DaysWebsite | Instagram

Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power EssenceMy holy grail product got to be the Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. Cosrx is a well-known Korean brand which is great for all skintypes, and even suitable for people with acne and sensitive skin. I am obsessed with their snail essence and I always have this product in my skincare routine, no matter how often I change my routine, I will keep this product in. This product contains a large amount of 96% snail mucin concentrate. It keeps my skin moist and has improved my skin a lot with its fast-healing properties. I often feel small pimples coming up on my forehead, you know, those annoying small pimples that you can feel under the skin, I just apply this and all those pimples go away after 2 days. This clear essence has a slimy texture to it and has no scent at all! It feels lightweight on the skin, sinks into it quickly, spreads easily and has a bit of a cooling effect after application as well. This is also great for pimple scars and damaged skin. Definitely a must have in every skincare routine! Will it be possible to put a link to my instagram: @sokobeauty when you mention me in your blogpost and my blog: http://memorable-days.net ?

Coco Park – The Beauty WolfPublished Book – Beauty WriterWebsite | Instagram

Goodal Firming Camellia Water OilNarrowing down just one holy grail product seems almost impossible! I have holy grails from each step and category that I use in my skincare routine. One thing that really stands out to me is the Goodal Firming Camellia Water Oil, it really hydrates helps and undo the some of the sins I’ve committed against my skin. Another big plus is the scent, it’s heavenly! It’s a great thing to wake up to in the morning and to wind down with at night.

Christina LeeOwner of Organic ShimmerWebsite | Instagram

Becca Cosmetics – Shimmering Skin Perfector®Becca. Can’t live without that highlighter. People ask me all the time what I use. It’s the best high lighter and I’ve tried alot!

Paris – My Woman StuffWebsite | Instagram

Sulwhasoo – Overnight Revitalizing MaskOne of my holy grails (I have many!) is the Sulwhasoo Overnight Revitalizing Mask. It’s a sleeping mask, that hydrates and revitalizes skin and makes it look plumped and radiant the following morning. It’s easy to use, and perfect for lazy evenings when you’re just too tired to pamper the face. This mask does the pampering while you sleep!

Cherie CorsoWebsite | Instagram

G2 Organics – Hickey StickI’m a beauty expert a mom and a beauty junkie I could never live without this product I use it into my eyeshadow I use it to cover up pimples dark circles under my eyes it’s also has some blocking it it’s amazing I highly recommend it

Donna DailyWebsite | Instagram

Dermarche Labs – Roloxin Lift GOLDMy holy grail product is Roloxin Lift GOLD. The mask instantly tightens and lifts my skin, making it the perfect base for makeup. The best part is the 24K gold particles that leave a subtle glow.

Jenny Wu – Geeky PoshWebsite | Instagram

SunscreenIt’s hard to pick but I’d definitely say sunscreen! UVA rays are the one of the primary causes of wrinkles, dullness, and dark spots so I make sure to apply sunscreen every morning!

Chel – Holy SnailsWebsite | Instagram

CosRX – Good Morning Low pH Cleansing GelMy HG product would be CosRX Good Morning Low pH Cleansing Gel. It’s ridiculously affordable, no frills, well packaged, and it just works well. It’s low pH (I think there’s a clue in the name somewhere… >_>), non-stripping, and is perfect for when I am thoroughly deflated at the end of the day.

Tracy O’ ConnorWebsite | Twitter

derma e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask Face MaskFor me it’s ALL about healthy skin! derma e 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask. I use it 3x p/w in the shower for clear/smooth skin

Darien Chen – Pico PrinceWebsite | Instagram

LJH – Tea Tree EssenceMy holy grail item is the LJH tea tree essence. It’s an amazing 90% tea tree extract serum that soothes irritation and helps prevent and treat blemishes. It is so gentle that I can use it when my skin is more sensitive , and its doesn’t contain unnecessary cosmetic filler ingredients.

 AdoredeeWebsite | Instagram

May Coop  – Raw MoisturizerI have a few HG (or as I like to call them undupeables), products that no matter how hard I try I just cannot find another that I like just as much. My most precious is the May Coop Raw Moisturizer. It has a pleasant pudding texture, that sinks in without leaving my skin feeling sticky or gloopy. I use it as a night cream, and I always wake up with really soft, clear skin!

Jessie – Bijou HeartWebsite | Instagram

Tonymoly’s Backstage Gel EyelinerMy holy grail product has to be Tonymoly’s Backstage Gel Eyeliner! This product has been with me ever since I found it. I’ve been through 3 different jars, and I also own this eyeliner in both black and brown. I love this product because it is long lasting, smudge proof, and oil proof. The colors (whether it is black or brown) is true to the color in the jar, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. I enjoy using this product with the brush it comes with! The size of the brush makes it really easy to draw any type of look. It is also very easy to use and soft to the touch (so it doesn’t hurt your eyes!) The formula of this gel eyeliner is also waterproof! I’ve cried my eyes out while watching Kdrama and it still didn’t budge! Tonymoly’s gel eyeliner hasn’t failed me, and I know I can rely on it whenever I have a long school day ahead of me. The makeup won’t come off unless you use an oil cleanser. P.S. I actually have a blog review on this product on my blog here: http://bijou-heart.blogspot.com/2015/10/tonymoly-backstage-gel-eyeliner-in.html if you want to link this in your article as well

Sarah Oh – Oh My GlossWebsite | Instagram

Son & Park – Beauty WaterHi, my name is Sarah and I am beauty blogger based in Seoul Korea on www.ohmyglossblog.com. I have so many products that I love but my holy grail product would have to be the Son & Park Beauty Water. it’s a multi-functional skincare product. You can use it as a toner and a cleansing water that exfoliates, hydrates, and softens the skin. You can use it anytime, in the morning instead of soap and water, before the gym to wipe off makeup, to prep your skin before applying makeup, refresh your skin during the day by putting it in a spray bottle, you can wet some cotton pads to make a sheet mask, use it as the last step in your cleansing routine, and you can take some of it on the plane to freshen up during flight. The possibilities are endless. The multipurpose part of it is great, but how does it perform? I have to say that this is the best product Son and Park has come out with. It’s such a simple product, but because it can do so many things it gets so many wins. The ingredients list is pretty impressive too. 94% of it is of natural origin, there are 20 ingredients that moisturizes, brightens, softens the skin like Damask Rose, orange extract, and papaya fruit. Also it uses coconut, corn, potato, and wheat ingredients to gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin. It’s the perfect tonic for dewy skin anytime and for anyone. I usually use a cotton pad to gently wipe all over my skin or pat it on to the skin if I don’t have a cotton pad available.

Laven – Berries in the SnowWebsite | Instagram

Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial OilI have dry skin and especially in cold and rainy weather here I always use facial oils in winter. My holy grail product at the moment would be Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial Oil. It is lightweight for an oil and smells sooo good. 2 drops are enough and it can be mixed greatly with your regular moisturizer.

MusicalHousesWebsite | Instagram

Silica PowderMy holy grail beauty product, hands down, has got to be silica powder! Living in a hot, humid climate (seriously, 100% humidity and temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius in the day), I value any makeup product that can help control shine and oil throughout the day, and have found this to be one of the best products in this regard. Silica powder has great oil and shine absorbency, and also has a nice light-diffusing and blurring effect, which also helps skin to look subtly better, especially in photographs. Many makeup products have setting powder that are pure silica or mostly silica, and those are the ones I go for, such as the MUFE HD MicroFinish Powder, the NYX Studio Finishing Powder, LA Girl Pro HD Setting Powder, City Color Cosmetics HD Powder, and the Elf High Definition Powder. For people who like to DIY their own powder, the silica powder works well when mixed in with other loose powders too! I find this tip works especially well for deeper skintones, as pure silica powder can sometimes show up on darker skintones as an ashy cast, so mixing in some silica powder into a tinted loose powder can really improve the appearance of the powder on deeper skintones.

Vanity RexWebsite | Instagram

Nature Age Treatment EssenceReason: I am on my third bottle of this essence and have no plans to quit it either. At first, it doesn’t seem too exciting – it’s scentless and has a water-like texture – but it hydrates deeply and helps my skin look like it’s glowing from within. It’s the product I use most consistently in my entire skincare collection and when I go without it, my skin noticeably suffers.

What’s YOUR Holy Grail beauty product? Let us know in the comments below!

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