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4 Factors to Consider When Renovating Your Living Room

You’re contemplating a renovation and it includes an updated or new living room, now you’re wondering where to start?  You already know that kitchens and bathrooms are the big-ticket items in a renovation. You have dreams for your living room but have no idea where to start.  After the kitchen – the family room is the second hub of the home. This room should feel instantly comfortable and act as a retreat for you, your family and your guests. Whether you envision a 65” 4K television, with a climbing wall and a wet bar or, a quiet room that encourages engaging conversation – make sure your vision is properly communicated to your designer/renovator.  Your priorities for the space should include electronics both, audio and video/digital, furniture, flooring, lighting and a budget.1. Focal Point A focal point in interior design is something that will draw the eye – it is often a structural feature – such as a fireplace, wall or window.  Perhaps your mid-century redbrick-fireplace needs a makeover – consider removing the brick and replacing with natural stone, or perhaps a new mantle.  You may have an opportunity to change the picture window to a patio door that opens onto a deck – the view would be your focal point. Or you could have an accent wall – that could be achieved with colour and texture.  Consider, wallpaper, not your gramma’s wallpaper, modern wallpaper – to help you create a truly unique focal point. Emphasizing a focal point can add much needed aesthetic value to your living room.  There are many living room design ideas online or have a look through our gallery for some inspiration.  2. Flooring Flooring plays one of the most crucial roles in your living space renovation. Make sure to spend time researching which flooring option is right for you and your living room needs. Doing this early on in the planning process can be extremely beneficial for both your budget and your contractor. You should think about the texture and the material of flooring. Understand the type of foot traffic that the room will have to endure for example: Is your living room a well trafficked area, will it need to withstand, young children and pets?  Do you have wheelchairs or other walking aids in your home? Take into consideration the unique needs of your family and address them before construction begins. 3. Lighting Lighting can immediately create the mood and atmosphere of the room – it can be both functional and decorative.  Here are the lighting options to consider: Ambient lighting: will light up a large area – ceiling lights including recessed and track lighting.  It will allow you to see everyone in the room and gives enough light for various tasks.Accent lighting: creates a calming warm glow in a particular area. It uses a concentrated beam of light to highlight a specific focal point. Lamps, spotlights, and wall-scones work best to create this effect. Task lighting: helps you complete a particular task.  This lighting effect is great for such activities as crafting, puzzles or reading.  Pendants, table lamps or under-cabinet lighting are often used to great effect. Understanding how you’ll be using the space will help decide which combinations of lighting will work in your renovated living space. 4. BudgetYou’ve made all the above considerations and you’ve got a clear vision for your living room. Now, it’s time to contemplate the budget.   Your design professional will help you focus on which design elements are priority and which are not. Soon you will have realistic budget expectations. Related Article: Need help staying on top of your budget? We’ve created a helpful eight-step guide. We at Bryant Renovations, have over 30 years of home renovation experience. We work with you closely from day one to ensure that your living room dreams become a reality with minimal time delays. Feel free to contact us today if you have any home or condo renovation questions or would like a quote regarding an upcoming project.

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