Google Maps Can Now Translate Place Names

Google Maps can now translate place names for you, making it easier to get around in foreign climes. This should put an end to you trying and failing to pronounce tricky place names while the locals look at you like you’ve got two heads.
Google Maps has made it much easier to get around while visiting a new country. You open the app, type in where you want to go, and Google Maps will direct you there. However, things can be trickier if you need to hail a cab or ask someone which bus to catch.
Google Integrates Translate Into Maps
In an effort to solve this problem, Google is integrating Translate into Maps in a small way. As outlined in a post on The Keyword, Google Maps can now translate place names for you. And all without you ever having to leave the Google Maps app.
All you need to do is search Google Maps for the place you want to visit. Click on the entry, and look for the speaker button next to the place name. Click on that and Google will tell you how to pronounce the name in the language of the country you’re visiting.

Next time you travel, tap the new ? button next to your destination's name and Maps will speak it in the local language. ?????
— Google Maps (@googlemaps) November 13, 2019

If that wasn’t enough, you can then click “Get more translations” to open Google Translate (assuming you have it installed on your device). This allows you to get a translation for anything else you want to say, even if it’s just, “Thank you very much”.
This feature is being rolled out to Google Maps on Android and iOS this month (November 2019). Google Maps’ Translate integration will initially support 50 languages, with Google promising to add more languages in the future.
Download: Google Maps on Android | iOS
More Google Maps Features to Check Out
If you want to discover more ways Google Maps is helping people get around, Google Maps offers detailed voice guidance for people with visual impairments and Google Maps offers augmented reality directions which add virtual signs to the real world.
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