Weekly Wrap-Up + Games to Play This Thanksgiving

Happy weekend, friends!

I know it’s a little cliche to say, but I kind of can’t believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. This is my very favorite time of year – I really feel like time slows down a bit and I’m able to really take stock of all of our blessings and recognize how much we have.

This is our second time preparing to move to a new home right around Thanksgiving, so when asked me to write a post about why we’re thankful for our home, it felt like the perfect opportunity to write a little love letter to our house. You can read the post here – I won’t lie – I got a little emotional writing it!

It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we’ll be moving at this time next week. I’m excited and nervous and a little worried that I won’t finish packing in time!

Oh, and peaking of Thanksgiving – I don’t know about your family, but my family loves to play board games over the holidays. Corey and I will always take any excuse to bust out our favorite games, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are genuinely the very best times to get the entire family together to play some games and have some fun. I always love to share our favorites, so I thought today would be the perfect chance for a round-up of game ideas for the holidays. You could grab some for your own family gathering, or you could hold on to them as a Christmas gift, too! Either way, they’re sure to be a hit.

Favorite family board games for the holidays

MysteriumHeadbanzTicket to RideCatanPhase 10King of TokyoEscape Room in a BoxGloomSplendorAzulConceptCodenamesWits & WagersLCR WildSpyfallPandemicJust OneUltimate WerewolfCover Your AssetsTelestrations

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I’d love to hear what games you like to play with your family!

ICYMI: On the blog this week

I worked on patching aaaaaall of the nail and screw holes in our walls and I shared a full tutorial on how to do it. It’s one of those projects that feels like a much bigger deal than it is! I guess you could say that the very first project for our new house is done after I painted this dresser for Jackson’s new room! My most popular gift guide this time of year is this guide to all of the best White Elephant gift ideas! If you’ve got a Christmas party to go to, you’re gonna need this post.

Elsewhere on the internet

My friend Chelsea just wrapped up the most incredible bathroom renovation. She’s competing in the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge, so if you have a minute be sure to vote for her! I heard from tons of you this week who just got your $11 Wal-Mart sweatshirts and love them just as much as I do. I think I’m up to 4 colors now, and I can’t stop wearing them! I also snagged this super cozy sherpa pullover, and see myself wearing it constantly (even if Corey told me he thinks it’s ugly!). This gorgeous DIY accent wall has me swooning all over the place. Definitely the vibes I want for our master in the new house (except, ALL the walls!).I’m pretty adamant about using traditional colors to decorate for Christmas, but I have to admit I adore this colorful front door. You know I love a good furniture hack. And finally, I think I’m gonna need one of these for the new house. Or this one. Or BOTH!

Have a great week!
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