Sublime Text 3 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Sublime Text is a slick, responsive cross-platform text editor that the developer community swears by. If you rely on menus and buttons to find your way around in this powerful program, you’re missing out on a faster, more seamless experience.
But you can fix that easily by switching to keyboard shortcuts to control Sublime Text.
You don’t have to do much to discover them all. We already have the most essential Sublime Text 3 shortcuts lined up for you in our cheat sheet below!
The shortcuts work on Windows and most of them work on Linux also. With a few modifier key replacements, they work on macOS too. (Swap out Ctrl for Cmd and Alt for Option when you use Sublime Text on macOS.)
FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as a downloadable PDF from our distribution partner, TradePub. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only. Download Sublime Text 3 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet.
The Sublime Text 3 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet


Menu Control

Ctrl + Shift + NNew window

Ctrl + Shift + WClose window

Ctrl + OOpen file

Ctrl + Shift + TReopen last file

Ctrl + NNew file

Ctrl + SSave file

Ctrl + Shift + SSave file as

Ctrl + F4Close file

Ctrl + WClose Sublime

Windows, Files, and Tabs

Ctrl + KBToggle sidebar

Ctrl + Page Down/Page UpMove to next/previous open tab

Ctrl + Tab/Ctrl + Shift + TabMove to next/previous open tab by stack (order they were opened)

Ctrl + Shift + TReopen last closed tab

Ctrl +/-Zoom – increase/decrease font size

Ctrl + PQuick Open – Show file list of currently opened file

Shift + F11Toggle Distraction-free mode

Ctrl + Alt + UpColumn selection up

Ctrl + Alt + DownColumn selection down

Ctrl + Shift + PCommand Prompt

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + PShow Scope in status bar

F11Toggle Full Screen mode

Split Window

Alt + Shift + 1Split layout to 1 column

Alt + Shift + 2Split layout to 2 columns

Alt + Shift + 3Split layout to 3 columns

Alt + Shift + 4Split layout to 4 columns

Alt + Shift + 5Split layout to 2 vertical and 2 horizontal grids (4 Groups)

Alt + Shift + 8Split layout to 2 rows

Ctrl + [NUM]Jump to group where NUM is 1-4

Ctrl + Shift + [NUM]Move file to specified group where NUM is 1-4

Ctrl + K, then Arrow Up (with Ctrl pressed)Open new pane, and move current window into new pane

Ctrl + K, then Arrow DownClose current pane

Ctrl + K, then left arrow/Arrow RightMove to next pane to the left arrow/ right arrow

Ctrl + K, then Ctrl + Shift+Arrow Right/Arrow LeftOpen new tab in pane to the left arrow/ right arrow

Alt + 1…0Jump to tab 1..10 in current pane


Ctrl + Arrow Left/Arrow RightMove one word left arrow/right arrow

Alt + Arrow Left/Arrow RightMove one sub-word left arrow/ right arrow

Page Up/Page DownMove one page up arrow/down arrow

Home/EndMove to beginning of line/end of line

Ctrl + Arrow Up/Arrow DownScroll page up arrow/down arrow without changing cursor position

Ctrl + MMove to opening bracket of faction, repeat for closing bracket

Ctrl + RShow Function List and navigate

Ctrl + Shift + RShow Function List without changing cursor position

Ctrl+;Go to word in current file

Alt+ -/+ on Numeric KeypadJump forward/backwards to/from previous positions or selections


Shift + Arrow Left/Arrow RightExtend selection one character left arrow/right arrow

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Left/Arrow RightExtend selection one word left arrow/right arrow

Alt + Shift + Arrow Left/Arrow RightExtend selection one sub-word left arrow/right arrow

Shift + Arrow Up/Arrow DownExtend selection one line up arrow/down arrow

Shift + Page Up/Page DownExtend selection one page up arrow/down arrow

Shift + Home/EndExtend selection to beginning/end of line

Ctrl + Shift + Home/EndExtend selection to beginning of file/end of file

Ctrl + ASelect All

Ctrl + LSelect Line

Ctrl + DSelect current word, continue press D for expanding selection. Then continue in multi-line editing mode

Alt + F3Select all occurrences of current word, then continue in multi-line editing mode

Ctrl + Shift + LWith multiple lines selected – enter multi-line editing mode.

EscCancel selection

Ctrl + Shift + JSelect lines in this indention

Ctrl + Shift + AExpand selection

Ctrl + Shift + SpaceExpand selection

Ctrl + Shift + MSelect current function enclosed by brackets or parentheses

Ctrl + KUChange selection to upper case

Ctrl + KLChange selection to lower case

Cut, Copy, and Delete

Shift + DeleteCut

Ctrl + InsertCopy

Shift + InsertPaste

Ctrl + XCut

Ctrl + CCopy

Ctrl + VPaste

Ctrl + Shift + VPaste and match current indention

Ctrl + KVPaste from History

DeleteDelete character to the right

BackspaceDelete character to the left

Ctrl + BackspaceDelete word to the left

Ctrl + DeleteDelete word to the right

Ctrl + Shift + BackspaceDelete from cursor to beginning of line

Ctrl + Shift + DeleteDelete from cursor to end of line

Undo and Redo

Ctrl + ZUndo

Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo

Ctrl + YRedo or repeat

Find and Replace

Ctrl + FFind

F3Find next

Shift + F3Find previous

Alt + F3 (After selecting)Replace every selection

Ctrl + HReplace

Ctrl + IIncremental search

Ctrl + Shift + FFind in Files

Ctrl + F, Alt + EnterFind then Multi Edits

Ctrl + EUse selection to find field

Ctrl + Shift + EUse selection to replace field

Line Manipulation

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Up/Arrow DownMove line or selection up arrow/down arrow

Ctrl + EnterInsert line after and position cursor at beginning of new line

Ctrl + JJoin line below at end of current line

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow DownDuplicate lines (on Sublime 3 on Windows this seem to no longer work, try Ctrl+Shift+D instead)

Ctrl + TTranspose

F9Sort Lines (case sensitive)

Shift + F9Sort Lines (case insensitive)

Ctrl + ] / [Indent/unindent

Ctrl + Shift + DDuplicate line or selection

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Up/Arrow DownMove line or selection up arrow/down arrow

Code Folding

Ctrl + Shift + [Fold selection

CtrlL + Shift + ]Unfold selection

Ctrl + K, Then Press 1Fold all

CTRL + K, Then press JUnfold all

CTRL + 2/9Fold level


CTRL + /Comment line

CTRL + SHIFT + /Block comment


CTRL + F2New bookmark

F2Next Bookmark

SHIFT + F2Previous bookmark

CTRL + SHIFT + F2Clear bookmarks


F6Toggle spell checking

Ctrl + F6Find next misspelling

Ctrl + Shift + F6Find previous misspelling

Ctrl+`Toggle Console

Alt + V, then WToggle word wrap – View – Word wrap

More Tips for Sublime Text Editing
While keyboard shortcuts can transform your Sublime Text experience by themselves, there are many more ways to build a faster and more productive workflow. By the way, you can also use the program for taking notes. After all, Sublime Text has all the necessary ingredients to make a stellar note-taking app for programmers!
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