Aventura student accused of posting threat to school on Snapchat

A South Florida student faced a judge amid allegations that he used Snapchat to make an alarming threat to his school.
The 14-year-old boy, a freshman at Don Soffer High School in Aventura, appeared in court on Friday.
Prosecutors said the teen posted a picture on Snapchat showing him holding a BB gun and saying to “watch out” at school the next day.
In court, the student’s attorney said his client deleted the post and quickly followed up with a message saying, “Just kidding,” showing that the firearm was not real.
Friday’s hearing took place one day after 15-year old Nicholas Jenkins, a student at Nova High School in Davie, appeared in juvenile court and was accused of posting a menacing message on a gaming app. Prosecutors said he wrote, “I want to shoot up a school. This is a genuine feeling, I want people to suffer.”
The Don Soffer student is being held as the judge awaits more information, along with a psychological evaluation and a threat assessment.
He is scheduled to return to court Wednesday morning.
Jenkins, meanwhile, will stay behind bars for 21 days under strict supervision.

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Written by Miami News

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