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10 Best Korean Makeup Foundations


Are you looking for the best way to get your skin looking fabulous, old school style? Well, we have the products for your. Behold, the best Korean makeup foundations on the market! We tested some of the top products on the market and brought the results straight to you.

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HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST KOREAN MAKEUP FOUNDATIONSTHE BEST KOREAN MAKEUP FOUNDATIONS#1 Best Korean Foundation for Dry SkinUltimate Best Korean Foundation for Oily SkinAbsolute Best Korean Foundation for Combination SkinThe High (Full) Coverage Korean FoundationBest Korean Foundation for Sensitive SkinFlawless Foundation Routine

HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST KOREAN MAKEUP FOUNDATIONS In the world of Korean beauty products, there are many different ways to cover up your flaws. From Korean cushion foundations to BB creams and CC creams, and even concealers, the market is saturated with the best of the best products to keep your skin glowing.So how do you choose which Korean makeup foundation is the best for you? We’ve found 4 different key elements that will help narrow down your search to find the best Korean makeup foundation thats tailored to your beauty needs. According to a CNN news report, the Korean cosmetics industry ranks in the top 10 globally.  With the Olympics showcasing everything Korean, the world is embracing the look of Korean women as well as many other facets of its culture.  It is natural for women to assume that using a foundation produced by a Korean company will provide them with the same flawless and translucent quality that was seen so many times during the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.

CoverageDetermines how well the product covers up blemishes and discolorationBe aware that some Korean foundations purposefully have less coverage and a dewey finish!

SPFProtects your skin from harmful UV and PA rays

DispenserSome come in pumps, sticks, and also squeeze tubesSome Koreans are very picky about contamination. Keep an eye out if this is important to you

ColorMany Korean foundations come in very light colorsIf you have darker skin tones, make sure they carry multiple shades!​
[Hera] Vital Lifting FoundationMedium/MatteNonePump3
Amore Pacific IOPE Perfect Skin FoundationMedium/MatteSPF 25/PA++Pump2
Clio Kill Cover Highest Wear Foundation MakeupMedium/Semi-MatteSPF 35 PA++Pump6ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting FoundationFull /Semi-matteSPF 34 PA++Pump5LANEIGE Skin Veil FoundationLow/Semi-MatteSPF 26/PA+ Pump7
Missha M Signature Radiance FoundationMedium/DewySPF 20/PA++Pump3

Tonymoly BCDation PlusFull/Semi-MatteSPF 30/PA++Squeeze3TOUCH IN SOL Advanced Real Moisture Liquid FoundationLightweight/DewySPF 30 PA ++Pump2Peripera Inklasting Cover Foundation Full/DewySPF 30 PA +++Pump3

ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting Foundation



SPF 34 PA++

5 shades
Long-lasting full coverage makeup, you say? Yes, we most certainly do say! Etude House is at it again, and this time they’re coming in full force with a full-coverage foundation that does wonders to your skin. ​ Surprisingly, Etude House didn’t go over the top with the cutesy packaging for this product. It’s minimalist packaging reflects the contents: simple, clean, and extremely effective. We love this foundation because it lasts throughout the day and you don’t even need to use any concealer. Also, the product comes in 5 different shades so you can get accurate color matching to your skin tone.In the end, Etude House has won over our hearts with this amazing foundation!


​TOUCH IN SOL Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation



SPF 30 PA++

2 shades
If you’re looking for the perfect foundation that covers up all your flaws and leaves your skin looking like a porcelain doll, this is the right product for you. TOUCH IN SOL is at it again, and this time they’re kicking butt with their highly-rated advanced real moisture liquid foundation.​This product lives up to its name, giving you the perfect amount of coverge. Unlike most BB creams, it gives off a lightweght hydrating finish, which is much more popular in the states right now. Also, the product comes in two different shades, so it works well if you want to mix it in with your current foundation colors.​Overall, this is an excellent foundation, giving you the coverage and confidence to rock your makeup looks everyday.


Amore Pacific IOPE Perfect Skin Foundation



SPF 25 PA++

2 shades
Here’s yet another amazing foundation by Amore Pacific: IOPE Perfect Skin Foundation. This product definitely lives up to its name, leaving your skin with a beautiful matte finish and long lasting coverage. Like most of Korean beauty high end products, this foundation comes in a high-quality glass minimalistic pump.​The product comes with SPF 25/PA++, keeping harmful UV rays away from your complexion. It also has a semi-thick texture and is highly pigmented, which is excellent if you need a lot of covereage. Also, the foundation dispenses with a glass pump, so you get the exact amount you need every time you use the product.We highly recommend this product for those that are on the lighter side and have yellowish undertones. If you use really light pigmented foundations, this product is perfect for you.​


Missha M Signature Radiance Foundation



SPF 20 PA++

3 shade
One thing we absolutely HATE about dewy founation is that it generally never stays dewy. However, this product defies everything about that statment. You can finally have a dewy finish that will last through your entire workday without haveing to touch up!​Although there are only three different light colors shades, the skintone matching is great for Asian skin (yellow undertones). The packaging itself is very cute and clean, with a gold chrome decorative lid and gold metallic infused in the glass pump.  The coverage is also buildable.  Also, this foundation was named GLOWPICK Consumer’s Choce award.​We LOVE this foundationg because it leaves your skin gleaming throughout the day. If you’re looking to up your makeup game, this is the foundation to add to your makeup aresenal.


Clio Kill Cover Highest Wear Foundation Makeup



SPF 25 PA++

6 shades
If you’re looking for something that’s not going to look cakey and pasty, then this is the foudation for you. Clio’s Kill Cover line is most definitely KILLER! With 6 different beauty shades to choose from, you can get the most accurate color match and beautiful looking skin instantly.​This foundation is extremely versatile when it comes to finish. Depending on the type of base (primer or sunscreen), you can achieve a semi-matte look or even matte. Coupled with an awesome Korean Concealer, the amount of coverage is perfect for a natural makeup look. ​In conclusion, we love Clio’s foundation for its wonderful glass pump foundation and we know you will too!


​Peripera Inklasting Cover Foundation



SPF 30 PA+++

6 shades
Want super-duper coverage without that heavy icky “melt-in-the-sun” makeup feeling? Well, Thanks to the innovators at Peripera, we’ve got the perfect foundation for you. The Ink Cover Inklasting Foundation has the perfect balance of coverage and a photo filter-like finish.Some users even claim that this foundation is equivalent to NAR’S Sheer Glow Liquid Foundation except even more moisturizing. It’s the perfect K Beauty equivalent that lets you achieve that dewyy clow while covering all your imperfections. Plus, it works well . with sensitive skin.​We are so excited to try this foundation out and it’s definitely perfect for year-round makeup wear.


[Hera] Vital Lifting Foundation




3 shades
If you know Korean beauty, you’ll definitely know that Hera makes some top quality products. This foundation is perfect for those who generally have dry skin and need a little extra coverage besides going bare. Be aware though that you need to wear sunscreen with this product since it doesn’t have SPF.​The product itself is a bit on the thicker side, and coupled with a great moisturizer, it leaves your skin neatly covered. It has a matte finish that lasts a few hours, but you’ll definitely need to bring a little extra on the road since it doesn’t last all day. It comes in 3 different lighter colored shades and it does feel like pearly beads on your skin, so reapplying is actually quite enjoyable.​We are HUGE Hera fans and we definitely recommend this product if you’re looking for light coverage and something for the dry winter season.


LANEIGE Skin Veil Foundation



SPF 26/PA+

7 shades
For those of you who tend to have dry skin, we found an excellent foundation to add to your collection. This Laneige Skin Veil foundation is a lightweight foundation that leaves your skin hydrated and covered. Laneige is known in the K Beauty industry as all things high quality and luxury, so you know this foundation has to live up to its reuptation.​ In terms of sun protection, it is a bit on the lighter side so you may want to couple this product with a great Korean Sunscreen. It also comes in 7 different shades, so you can find an accurate match for all kinds of skin tone. The product comes in a beautiful glass pump which dispenses the perfect amount each time.​Overall, we love this products versitility and feel. We definitely recommend it for those of you who need a high quality foundation.


Korean foundations not only have different formulas than other products, they are often packaged in a way that is more endearing to most women than the glitz and glam that is common along the cosmetic isle. Because of these naturally based formulas,  Korean cosmetic products do what others do but with benefits to the skin that others do not provide.Below are five foundations chosen work with different skin types.  Each has its own qualities that make it a top rated product.#1 Best Korean Foundation for Dry Skin

Touch In SOL – Liquid FoundationThis hydrating foundation is lightweight on the face and while applying  The thick, creamy formula goes on smoothly and does not crease a the day goes on.  The tone has a dewy quality and the SPF 30 sunscreen provides hours of protection in the sun.  Natural ingredients help keep the skin hydrated all day long.


Ultimate Best Korean Foundation for Oily Skin

Touch in Sol No Pore Blem Primer + FoundationThis combination of sebum controlling primer and liquid base offers a flawless look that controls that oily look all day long.  Start by applying the primer as directed. Complete the process with the liquid foundation or use the foundation on its own. Its light texture goes on smoothly and covers even large pores for a flawless appearance.  The two application process may be more time consuming than some want but the overall results will rival higher priced products.


Absolute Best Korean Foundation for Combination Skin

​K Beauty Skin PerfectorThe beauty of Korean foundations is that they tend to solve a variety of problems at the same time.  This product by EverGlam is no different. The formula includes a natural sunscreen that brightens the complexion, a non-oily moisturizer that improves skin elasticity and a concealer that evens out skin tone and hides pores for a smooth, porcelain look.  Its easily applies texture controls oily spots while moisturizing dry areas. As a multi-purpose cream, it can be used alone or as a base for other makeup. It earns its name “perfector” by evening out skin tone, moisturizing the skin and controlling oil all at the same time.  A great product for combination skin.


The High (Full) Coverage Korean Foundation

​MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB Cream​While all women have a troublesome spot or two, most simply want a product that provides full coverage without the feeling of wearing heavy makeup.  This product seems to have all those qualities. Considered a multi-function makeup, it includes a natural and highly effective sunscreen and a moisturizing base that covers blemishes with a radiant glow.  Rosemary and Chamomile extracts are used to soothe and refresh the skin. Apply as directed and set with powder for a bright and flawless look. 


Best Korean Foundation for Sensitive Skin

​Beauty Shot Face BlurThis combination product is suitable for all skin types.  A little goes along way and it can be used alone or under other makeup foundations  The formula reduces the appearance of pores and “blurs” skin tone to have a brighter even tone.  This product is sold by weight and not volume which can be deceptive. It moisturizes skin while giving a 35 SPF natural sunscreen.  


Even for the best products there always seems to be a down side. As seen by women of Korean descent this probably isn’t considered much of a concern but when women of other ethnic backgrounds use Korean formulas there seems to be one difficulty – the lack of darker shades for tan or dark skinned individuals.  For the most part, Korean products lean to the lighter beiges and natural skin tones. This greatly limits their use by women of color or those who like the sun. There has been some chatter expressing hope that the industry will expand its shade range to meet the needs of all women but so far that has not happened.Overall, Korean foundations are known for providing a light, hydrating formula that provides natural sunscreen protection while giving nearly every skin type a flawless and radiant appearance.  Products frequently make use of natural products that improve the elasticity of skin and its overall health. Is there any wonder why the world’s women want the same radiant glow that all Korean women seem to have?

Flawless Foundation Routine

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